10 Celebrities Who Left Showbiz For Religion – Part 2

You loved our first video and asked for more. We love to give you what you want, so here’s a look at 10 more such celebrities who walked away from showbiz for religious reasons!


10 Celebrities Who Left Showbiz for Religion – Part 1:

10 Most Popular Muslim TV Shows:

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Mariam Gad:

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  1. Jesus/ Yeshua is Lord and King over all. Fallen Angel gods are these other gods. Please find Yeshua Son if God God the Father, the Holy Spirit. Sounds complicated but at the same time simple. ( not Roman Catholic Vatican which is becoming a little of all fallen angel religions which are all satanic and have some “light” and mostly dark, Lucifer was his name in before he fell and took angels with him.

  2. It's reminding me how bad I am in my own religion…I'm a born Muslim but look at me,i don't think you'll find anything good in me…I think I don't have high faith as like them..may Allah bless them with lots of happiness,peace and guide me ,make me realize my purpose of life, and never let me go astray..

  3. Al hamdulillah thank you for your work.
    You can check Diam's, she was a French female rapper who completely ditched all celebrity for religion when she was at the very top of French rap game!

  4. Still you can't understand why your viewership decrease continuously.

  5. All these people who gave up Fame for religion God bless their hearts they see the business for what it really is evil all these artists and famous people like movie stars they all get on TV shows and talk about how corrupted the company is with symbolism

  6. Ftd facts is just islamic propaganda channel now. I used to like this channel lots of content, they it just faded away… for nostalgic reasons I looked it up and.
    Wow, what happed.

    Fews are terrible concent is crap.

  7. Super………Big like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Stay connected my friend .

  8. I didn't know that people leave showbiz for any religion other than Islam, as most of the characteristics that a celebrity needs to succeed are contrary to islamic values. Peace of mind is the other biggest reason behind it.

  9. There is also a Another name which is biggest of all those and that is Junaid Jamshed

  10. These peoples don't need God these peoples really need psychiatric..

  11. You forgot Jermaine Jackson, Junaid jamshed, Najm, Ali Haider, Sinead O Connor, Cat Stevens, Sana Khan, Noor Bukhari (ex Pakistani actresses) Aroush, Sara Choudhary.

  12. Is there anything common in them with respect to religion?🤔

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