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  1. That's bad form. This day in age with the cost of everything and your robbing an old lady.

  2. Need recommendations for new clubs currently using callaway maverick driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, ping i20 4-PW not switching out my wedges or putter

  3. It’s sad to see these people after time and cost… might make like 20$ on these clubs. And they think they are “hustling”

  4. I remember this video man I've been riding with you all for a while I even have my non golfing friends watching your videos they always ask me hey did you see what Jon and Ashley found this week? keep up the great content can't wait to be here at 1 million

  5. Unreal that’s awesome! I wish I could find deals like this for left handed around my parts. Also been waiting for the stacked golf apparel to drop

  6. Ashley & Jon Let’s Go Find it & You Did ⛳️ Be Well Be Safe & Stay Blessed.

  7. Do you guys sell your clubs and ship them overseas if the buyer is willing to pay for shipping ??

  8. WTF this is unreal. Worth going on holiday only for the garage sales in Florida 😃

  9. According to California prices… You guys stole those clubs. I just wish I could find some prices like that in California. Keep up the good work I am enjoying your videos.

  10. How much do I have to pay you guys to put together a bag for me with Florida prices? Lol

  11. I think the rest of the world/country is STRONGLY underestimating the volume of older retired people who play golf in Florida.

  12. In the uk people want a 100 each ,,there’s no bargains here anymore even the charity shops are only half price for everything

  13. I think you guys have the good deal fairy following you where ever you go!!! Lol

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