Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the lead card third round at the 2022 USWDGC.

Card: Hailey King, Ohn Scoggins, Eveliina Salonen, Maria Oliva
Course: Elver DGC | Madison, Wisconsin
Commentary: Paige Pierce, Kona Panis

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Front 9 Chapters
00:00 Start
01:54 HOLE 1
08:03 HOLE 2
11:43 HOLE 3
14:26 HOLE 4
17:22 HOLE 5
20:15 HOLE 6
22:49 HOLE 7
25:46 HOLE 8
29:26 HOLE 9

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27 bình luận

  1. I like watching this FPO coverage now! They play kind of like I do, probably a little better

  2. The Hailey profile is an important piece of disc golf media. I would love to see these short player profiles uploaded as separate videos so we can share profiles for our favorite players.

  3. Seeing those intros were awesome! Love hearing more about women’s experiences in the sport

  4. Constructive criticism: Paige audio more of an echo that Kona's.. distracting. As I watched and stayed with the action, your continued commentary (more Paige) sometimes on the previous shot while I'm trying to focus on the current action, was distracting. Suggest you, if you have not allready, watch the Two Hot Geese coverage. I think they are the top in both FPO and MPO coverage. Great first shot , though. Congrats! And, Yes, Hailey King profile – outstanding!

  5. This coverage has been top notch. Glad to see the FPO putting on a show.

  6. Love how Eveliina Salonen was hunting the basket with those approach shots! No fear.

  7. Whew, just finished the round. I'm really glad I made it through the whole round. Dear past me, Say something about the great Ms. King biopic and then hold on for a great show!

  8. I respect and watch Paige Pierce as a player so much but she is so negative as a commentator. She provides some great insight and strategy but she doesnt celebrate anything its just pointing out how something was totally perfect. Even criticizing several great shots and made putts. On a card with Scoggins and Salonen I would have expected more fun.

  9. It's so cool to see my hometown courses being featured on my favorite disc golfing youtube channel! Watching these ladies play (and crush) the same course that I play on every week has been very humbling!

  10. Alot of positivity towards the player profile. I would like to know what exactly Discraft did to make her feel "unsupported". I'm not just trying to be a troll here. She had signature series discs (which she made bank off of). Is the complaint that they wanted her to play as many tournaments as possible to get the brand on film more and she wanted more time off? Or maybe Discraft is run by jerks? I would love more info on this (and a Discraft response) before formulating an opinion. I guess it's the lawyer in me.

  11. One of my favorite player profiles I’ve seen. It makes me so happy to see a young person prioritize their mental health, communicate what they need and then get the support they need. Huge advertisement for innova. Huge amount of love for Ms. King and continued good vibes.

  12. Stop saying “ banging puts” it doesn’t really sound good on coverage

  13. Your commentary is getting better and better ladies!

    Thank you for your insights.

  14. I can't believe someone walked right out across the fairway as Maria was about to throw her tee shot on hole 7.

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