First I was going to graze it, then I decided to make some hay from it, then the weather man told me to wrap it….. Its been a really long day.

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  1. Great to see the ole ford on the job,,nice ariel footage too..

  2. Lovely old Ford on the wrapper.does make me wonder if older machines like those are easier to keep running than some of the ones that are newer but more electric to go wrong.

  3. could spend hours watching em haymaking a lot goes on ere in derbyshire

  4. With the cost of feed only going one way for the forseable future, I think you made a wise decison Ian.

  5. Hello from the Netherlands and thanks for the video . 
    Sincerely Hollandduck

  6. Hello first 2 wheel drive 6610 I've ever seen,I have seen 4 wheel drive and a 3 wheel drive that a sugar beet drilling contractor had,32 inch tyres on the back and a 36 inch front hydraulic driven front wheel,followed the power harrow with the drill no need to roll the land now he had a MF 3630 converted to 3 wheel drive

  7. This is probably a daft question but why didn't you have a baler and wrapper combined (maybe a Claas)🥴

  8. I thought you must have change your mind at some point from not wrapping in to wrapping cause I remember you saying you're going for hay this year. Oh that weatherman 😀 Nice to see baler and wrapper working together watching them two from above. Nice video. Lovely to see Abbi in recent videos too.

  9. Cracking video. Great drone footage. Nice to see the overhead view of the farm

  10. is your drone password $h1T? Time to change it. signed watching too close lol

  11. Hey Ian, how old is the little old Ford tractor? And the JD bailer? Looks like it’s a couple of year old

  12. Ah it's a pity wrapping that, very nearly hay but needs must I guess

  13. Brilliant drone footage Ian you have above place liked the ford we've one the same they're like a woman's voice they never wear out😂

  14. Evening Farmer P, that's that job wrapped up!……………….. I have been longing to know what the chap from Timac came up with, I hope he is ok. Have I missed it?

  15. Good evening Mr. P. Good video again always good to see the farm from above excellent piloting of the drone you are getting a dab hand at it. All those bales proves you were right to do it as and the weather stayed good for it. Keep well and stay safe

  16. That looks as a good adition to the food supply for the winter👍verry nice film Mr P

  17. Excellent video and 32 bales of feed safe and sound – result all round.

  18. Hi Ian is that the same contractor that baled your hay ? Have you been feeding Biskit happy pills she wasn't being grouchy with the colĺies

  19. damn that was a good "harvest" there for you Ian. Will come in handy later on for sure.

  20. Another great video has always farmer p ian and Mrs p and miss biskit miss crumble miss gypsy miss pepper and miss pickle and Emma Sam Holli and Abbi 👍

  21. What a good looking Ford, I always have had a soft spot for them. Sad they are no longer around as a brand, not saying NH or Case are bad, but there was just something about them.
    Great footage Ian, was a joy to watch with the drone.

  22. Hello Farmer P., Is there a reason why they use black plastic? Near my town they mostly use a very light color plastic. Greetings from Holland.

  23. Really enjoy the drone shots of the round baking well done 👍

  24. Never oil or grease your ball hitch I've been told don't know why just been told

  25. That ford tractor is the right size for that job, turns on a dime! still looks great too! And quite the nice yield too right? I don't know (or remember, as you probably told us in the videos) how your spring was.. but here I heard that 2nd cut silage did waaay better than 1st cut. The growth came late. We had a way better 1st cut too as we mowed 2 weeks later than other years. But for horse feed it was the right time. 70 bales (70x120x180) extra of of 6hectares.. a pleasant surprise!

  26. Nice drone work. It's a lot easier to film someone else's work than film yourself trying to operate the machines 🤣😁. The joys of two wheel drives turning on a sixpence. Stay safe 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  27. So when you wrap a bale of hay in plastic it s to make silage out of it; yes? But doesn't the grass need to be wetter than that to ferment properly?

  28. better to have to much than not enough nifty little setup there

  29. 🤔🤣🤣 Yes Ian! I too love work 😃! I can watch it all day too! 🤣🤣👌! Brilliant results too! Bet you're thrilled, especially in the current financial climate!.

  30. Another great video mr. P. Nice 👌 looking Ford great drone footage 👍👍🇬🇧

  31. Another excellent update – the drone footage was great, gives a new perspective on the farm layout

  32. Got more than you thought, great drone footage made a really good video

  33. Hi mr p very nice job and hope soon you will have more time for your self so

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