I really wish I knew these things before I started golf! This is my best golf advice for beginners and even players of any skill level.

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  1. I'd recommend buying a punch pass at the range you go to the most and if u practice a lot that will save you some money in the long run

  2. Really useful information! The “not swinging hard” tip is really something I think could help me – it was great playing with you this morning

  3. I think another good advise is to take some classes with a Pro.

  4. I hit further when I don’t swing so hard or try to kill it. Upgraded now to the P7MB, stiffer shafts and I’m doing so insanely better than I ever have (plus they now correctly fit me), knowing distances is key!

  5. My tip: Every so often, play a round without keeping score. Free your mind of making birdies, pars, and bogeys. Just enjoy your surroundings. It’s a beautiful experience.

  6. Some great points here! Despite having lessons when I was younger, I've only really just learned to hit down on the ball after watching YouTube videos. It really has been a eureka moment, and my ball striking has improved 110%!

    I agree about joining a club. A great shout for new golfers is a club which let's you pay a low yearly fee, say £200, then £5 each time you play, which is the case with my course. Our green fees are £20 for visitors so you don't have to play many times for this to work out cheaper.

    My hot tip would be to play a budget golf ball if you're new to the game. If you've got a hole with OB or water, staring down at a £4 Pro V1 will shift your focus away from the shot because you'll worry about losing it. I'm Kirkland all the way baby 🤣

  7. For a tee box suggestion is take a average 5-iron distance and be honest, multiple by 36, and choose the tees that most closely match that yardage. I also look at the distance of the par 3’s and make my own hybrid scorecard and a lot of courses are doing that.

  8. The tech mention was great. I wish it was available when I started. I was always jealous of the pros that had the yardage books, while I was pacing my shots off the 150 marker (that was a tree on the side of the fairway). I would have loved a range finder, and I love reviewing my round on Arccos to see where I can improve.

  9. Speaking of game of opposites and slowing down… I slowed down, but am ending up with higher club head/ball speeds. Arccos is helping me also! Glad you and your family are home safe by the way!

  10. Best tip – You're not good enough to be THAT upset. Second best tip – your attitude can ruin the fun for everyone else.

  11. Have you reviewed the Tour Edge C522 irons? I'd like to see them compared to something like the Calloway Rogue ST Max irons.

  12. The tee box tip SAY IT LOUDER FOR FOLKS IN THE BACK!!! But for real if you carry the ball 175 off the tee please stop playing the tips. Not only are you frustrating yourself but you screw up the flow of the course behind you.

  13. Great video…well thought out and articulated sir. I can't disagree with a single point you made but will expand on one point. Getting some clubs that are a fit for your skill level. When I bought my first set of real clubs I purposely bought a more "players" set of irons and figured I would continue to improve and they would be a good fit. They had an opposite effect. I got real frustrated to the point where I just quit golf all together. Too be fair they did not have game improvement clubs like there are today, but still I went way outside of my skill set at the time which was a mistake. The fitter was not very good either or he would have made some suggestions. Anyway, now that I am in my 60's, and have the money of course, I am finally getting a some new irons and hybrids and looking at some of the new game improvement clubs out there – some of which you reviewed on your channel. Oh and shorter tees are just fine with me too – shed my ego a long time ago. They are there for a reason. Makes the game a lot more enjoyable when you can occasionally use a short iron on your second shot. One other thing I would add that might fall under equipment is get balls you can afford to lose and use only those balls instead of having a bag full of random balls that are all different. You can get a big bag of balls off eBay for a reasonable price versus spending time on the course looking for balls and fishing them out of the water. Good luck on getting too 100K…I've done my part 👍

  14. Gabe, I'm in the Tampa area. Do you play with any of your fans?

  15. Taking just one lesson at a local golf galaxy before playing a round helped. Hit 47 on 9 holes on 4th attempt just using irons (only used 7 & PW in first lesson). Walking away from the course with at least one win is huge at the start as well. It could be a par, a great shot, long putt or anything that lets you know you can do it before you get to a consistent level.

  16. A top end course would be nice but here around $125 plus a round. Totally agree on moving up to a tee which makes playing enjoyable. For me it's the senior tees (I'm 79) and will move up to the forward tees as time goes on. Several courses in my area have the green tees no red anymore.. One point I'd like to make my wife plays and loves it but courses need a senior ladies tees there are a lot of senior ladies playing golf make it more enjoyable.

  17. Thanks LPT for your wisdom! But still love hitting bombs! 😀
    And take a lesson for the fundamentals are the key to succes and more fun!

  18. I know exactly what you mean, when you mentioned trying to attack the ball, when you are younger. I'm in my late 60s and I have a slow swing, but I stay on the fairway and that makes a huge difference to my score. Keep up the good work.

  19. Great video again, Gabe. I don't know much about municipal courses in the United States, but here in Scotland, they do tend to be well run and well maintained. In saying that, l do play at a private course myself. I'm 45, and still see guys trying to murder the ball especially off the tee. Hadn't seen you in a few weeks. Hope you're well?

  20. Don't wait until you're 'good enough' to get lessons, you just spend a bunch of time unlearning all your improper techniques. And you must practice what you're taught, too many people give up because it feels strange or doesn't work straight away

  21. Mate you are crushing it and I’m looking forward to seeing you get to 100k and beyond. Love your obvious passion for the game!

  22. I have a couple.

    Practice with a purpose. I am just starting to do this. Too many times people go to the range and just blast the driver or rip through their range session as fast as they can. Hitting more balls badly doesn’t help. Put a plan together on what you are going to practice. And stick to it.

    2. Don’t hit a large bucket of balls on the range before playing. I used to do this all the time. A large bucket is for practice. Just hit a small bucket, with several clubs to warm up and use the rest of the time to chip and putt around to get a feel for the greens before you play. I used to hit a ton of balls before playing and I’d start to wear down by the 14th hole.

    3. Biggest one that I still have to remember. I will never play on the PGA Tour. LIV? Nope not there either. Knowing that I need to quit getting upset when I chunk a shot or miss an easy putt. Frustrated? Maybe but losing your mind over something not important is dumb. No one cares about your handicap and anyone that won’t play with you because it is 15 isn’t the kind of person you would want to play with anyways. Enjoy the game. The only time you embarrass yourself is when you act the fool after hitting a bad shot.

  23. agree about Tee Blocks. They should be done by handicap. (54-24 play off the front tees etc)

  24. Excellent tips Gabe! Glad to see that you made it home safely. 👍🏼

  25. Great information! I would add that everyone should learn golf etiquette and pace of play. Beginners can play with advanced players comfortably if they know the etiquette and keep pace of play.

  26. Number 3 is absolutely the truth. It always amazes me when I’ll get to a course an hour early to chip and putt and I’ll watch guy after guy head straight to the range, and go straight to the tee box from there never taking a single chip or putt.

  27. You said it in the video “Game of opposites”
    I wish somebody would have said this to me last summerfall when I first started trying to learn this game. Great video 👍🏻

  28. #1 Golf is not going to pay the rent. Relax. Have fun first. #2. You don't need expensive balls. Really. (See #1). #3 Let faster players play through. By doing this it lowers your stress level, let them go. #4 Call FORE! On errant shots.

  29. some great stuff there Gabe, I would add
    1) The game is hard, that's its attraction.
    2) It's also not a fair game, you will have bad lies, bad bounces it goes with the game. I've never played with someone who has rejected a lucky bounce.
    3) Your the only person who hits your ball, so there is no-one else to blame, don't let any frustration with yourself/your game spoil the game for your playing partners.
    4) Its how many, not how that matters. 150 yards is the same if its hit with a 7 iron or a 3 wood.
    5) Have lessons with a pro when you start, not when you've grooved a bad swing through thinking you will learn the game via you tube videos
    6)Enjoy it, it's a great way to keep active and you can meet some great people and see some fantastic sights

  30. Great list. Agree with most of them, but one that I don't hear on lists much was play nice courses. The difference between the CC that I would play on Mondays because I caddied there and some of the muni courses I played other days were like night and day. Course conditions very much do make a difference. Thanks!

  31. Great tips Gabe! Wish I knew about Caña power back in the day, man I could have hit some bombs!

  32. Playing better in my mid 60's than I did when I was younger because I got wiser. Great tips Gabe.

  33. Good list, I wish I'd known those things also! I also wish I had done some strength/speed training when I was much younger, putter fitting, and once I got more consistent, found a ball and stuck with it, not just use whatever is on sale. All of those I actually do now, except for a full on putter fitting (nowhere around me actually has the equipment for that), but who knows what could have happened if I did them earlier.

  34. Glad you and your family made it home safe and sound brother 🙏 i played my best round Saturday. In rain!!! Crazy i had an eagle 5 birdies and 3 pars. I felt like the old guy in caddyshack. Lol.

  35. Great sensible tips and you are so right! Ego makes us do things we regret, ie buy those fancy blades, spend top dollar for the "most talked about" driver, play from the back tees, reject hybrids, use the most expensive balls and so on. Thanks Gabe I would also suggest getting lessons from a pro coach rather than try all of the 15 different tips from mates.

  36. Expect to spend 2/3 of 1st year simply in practice. 1/3 course time.
    When i coach juniors we start on the green and work towards the tee boxes.
    1 : Putting , 2 Putting + Chipping, 3 Putting – Chipping – bunkers, 4 short irons, 5 mid irons, 6 fairway woods, hybrids – tee boxes. ( didn't use a driver until year 2! )

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