What a great trip we had back home. I had a chance to play some golf before we head back to Phoenix. I want to thank all of the people that helped us hit over 6k followers since we started our road trip!!! I want to thank UNDERDAWG and MAGGIE for joining me on this journey and all the people we met along the way.

Special Thank you for golfing with me Joseph…I know you work all the time and you managed to take a little time off to hit the links.

And I almost forgot my editing advisor Ryan Kuechle!!!
He is in school full time and helps me so much when he can.
I also couldn’t get things done without my hemp supplements.
I use them for my joint pain and anxiety issues.
If you are thinking about trying CBD…
Go To
it’s my Mom’s site and I like to try to help her pay for hers every month.
Thanks Again and Hempdaly my friends!!!

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