Golf can be frustrating…. Enjoy some of the world’s best snapping and throwing clubs!

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  1. まぁ人生かけてゴルフしてる人達だから気持ちはわかる笑

  2. Sergio Garcia is the biggest crybaby, poor sportsman in the world….hate that punk

  3. This is basically just a compilation of Billy Horschel, Tyrell Hatton, and Sergio Garcia

  4. Man breaking a club looks so fun I’ve wanted to do it a million plus times then I remember just how much they cost again

  5. I guarantee their wives make sure they’re not home when these pathetic, pitiful, angry specimens finish their little games. I wonder if they get irate about things that actually matter.

  6. After watching several of these…Alot of repeat offenders

  7. I want to see one where the golfer breaks every club in the bag 🤣

  8. I find it funny that these guys get pissed off at shots that are considered good shots for me 💀

  9. What a little girl Garcia is. Never liked that guy. Very childish.

  10. The caddies that have to just watch as they beat the shit out of whatever’s pissing them off lol

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