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Chuyên mục : Tổng hợp

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21 bình luận

  1. Watching LIV Portland/Pumpkin Ridge and the course,coverage,platform is extremely refreshing.
    Difficult course and scores a lil higher than normal but that’s just fine with me…keep it up LIV GOLF

  2. They are only chasing the money and the Saudis just bought them ,I hope they are not allowed to play any majors . I wonder how they feel playing for a nation that sponsors destruction good luck.

  3. Once they pocket 150 million they have no incentive to play competitively

  4. The PGA keeps improving the top pay in tournaments, when are they going to start helping the younger guys on tour, the Top 10 guys have sponsorships and making a ton of money, it is helping the lower tier guys that need help, the cost of the Q school, the travel expenses involved. That is point Phil M tried to make at the 1st of all this. Good for whoever wants to make the move, it is a choice they all have.

  5. times his daily rate, to clean windows for a corporate entity. Is the money tempting enough that withdrawal, down the line, is worth the risk?

  6. Can't wait to see brooks and bryson play together (same tee time) Come on LIV make it happen🙏

  7. Wow…. I did not have "Mighty Ducks reference" on my bingo card.

  8. It's the same old thing, people don't like change.

    The Saudis are only doing this now, so they've a income when all the oil dries up…

  9. I wonder if LIV tour will hire me as a fan. I'll do it for a couple million a year!

  10. I love the PGA TOUR, but I think they need a new commissioner to turn this around.

  11. Why doesn't the PGA sanction a dream team to play the LIV just to make a point. That would be a tournament I'd like to see lol

  12. Good for them. They are now irrelevant in the golf world. They are now just propaganda stooges for the Saudi family. A well paying gig for sure, but don’t confuse them with pro golfers.

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