Charles Barkley joins Live From the U.S. Open to discuss the NBA Finals, his golf game, how he takes criticism from players and more. #GolfChannel #USOpen #CharlesBarkley
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Charles Barkley reflects on NBA career, golf game | Live From the U.S. Open | Golf Channel

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  1. Rich Lerner tries to cut Charles Barkley off because Charles won't be railroaded. Rich is such a jerk. Way to go, Charles Barkley! You said it like it is. The Golf Channel announcers – Rich, Brandel Chamblee, and Todd Lewis have lost all credibility. They are unprofessional and engaged in a witch-hunt. They should be ashamed.

  2. Love Charles defence of Phil after that guy in the white jacket spent the last half hour bagging Phil's character.

  3. I love gambling, I’m going to keep gambling and I’m a gambling idiot.

  4. Well said chuck. These people are making it personal with a phil. They are trying to rub his nose in it. You can be critical without making it personal Brandel Chamblee is doing this and making it personal. It just goes to show you who your friends are. Stop with the phil bashing.

  5. As an “Independent contractor” you owe loyalty to a non profit organization that owns your media rights and controls where you can play! That doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

  6. Sir Charles should commentate a few golf tournaments. I could only image the things he would come up with!.

  7. If China came to Lebum and offered him a billion to break away something tells me he’d heavily consider it. Lol

  8. Charles is awesome.
    These douchey reporters trying to bury Phil are hypocrites. Especially that BC assh*le. F*ck Golf Channel. I was a LOYAL watcher before this BS. Not anymore.

  9. Please remember, the PGA Tour doesn't have a perfect past, the PGA Tour had the “Caucasian-only clause.” From 1934 to 1961, the Caucasian-only clause was a part of The PGA of America's by-laws that prevented non-whites from membership, and from competing on the PGA Tour.

  10. Amazed they didn’t cut off that last part. Went completely against the narrative they’ve desperately been pushing 24/7 on the Golf Channel.

  11. Ya, labron did as much as he could to switch ships as much as possible whenever he could..he would def front a league on his way out of the league…isn't Phil like 55?

  12. Oh God, phils gambling? Get off you shit golf Channel…can't wait for liv to have a golf network.

  13. I ❤️ Chuck! 100% loyal to his friends and the realest! Interestingly, African American Athletes generally have a different perspective on the stars playing on the LIV Tour.

  14. Brandel asking Chuck for advice on how to deal with shade from players lol.

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