Back nine at Kilnwick Percy! Didn’t have a great front 9 being 9/10 over but really put in the effort to bring in back on the back nine!

I think I can score well here now I’ve played a practice round and know the course?

Hope you enjoy, Gaz!

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  1. Good luck when they’ve double cut and ironed the greens like putting on glass 😂

  2. Don’t know if a like the golf better or gazs personality in these videos … top videos mate👍 keep up the good work

  3. What equipment or software do you use to get the shot tracer for your shots? I’m hoping to start making golf vlogs also and appreciate any insight thanks!

  4. 336 yards was your drive on the 16th thats where I end up going down hill there I'm also a member there but won't be there on the 4th but I'm there on the 3rd in my first comp

  5. Be lying if I said I didn’t buy that Ellesse top after watching these videos.
    Again appreciate the content and the preview. Always looking forward to the next vid and your journey

  6. Hey Gaz…… I think you need CLUB management, not course. Not every Par 4 needs driver…..Leave the EGO in the car and hit the club you SHould hit not the one you WANt to hit

  7. Feliz día del padre GAZ, aquí en Argentina hoy se festeja el dia del padre. Te amooooo mi amor!!! Besitos

  8. Good back 9. Always hard to keep it going after having a bad start. Played Slaley Hall Priestman and ruined my card after 6 holes and head was gone.

    Good you reset and refocused on scoring well. Good luck on the proper tournament

  9. Loving the videos gaz
    We’re u get that putter grip from an what size is it

  10. Should try get a game with rick shiels that would be a good YouTube video 😄

  11. Videos are class but the 1-2 min of showing shots beforehand ruins everything, you don’t see all the big you tube vloggers doing this. Pointless, as you already know what’s happening for 4-5 holes with putts, bunker shots etc.

  12. is gaz's a starch golfer i didnt think he was but playing in scratch tournaments?

  13. what people get out of playing in a tournament cant think of anything worse

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  15. Gaz me vs you forest hill golf course Leicester. Par 73, stroke play. I’ll do it off scratch if you like.

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