Stop trying to hinge your wrists in the golf swing! Do these two simple things and you will get the proper wrist hinge and hold. #mrshortgame #subscribe

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47 bình luận

  1. I literally watched this video this morning and shot a 73. I couldn’t finish the video as I was late.I have a 5 handicap but this was gold! Thank you!!!

  2. I feel like the information in this video is not fair to golf balls as I have been mashing the piss out of them

  3. Excellent! (However, please do film when you have your face un the sun and not in the shade!!!)

  4. watched the video yesterday, used the takeaway today result my lowest score in 2+ years, thx

  5. Great vid! That feeling of pushing the club away while turning really helps me with my irons (when I remember to do it.) Quick question though, is it applicable throughout the bag?

  6. This tip has helped my strike my irons so much better!
    Does this tip help with driver too?

  7. this title was wildly misleading. Claims you don't need to hinge your wrists at all. Not cool

  8. Wow so different from other coaching.Feels ok. I’ll keep trying it.

  9. The correct wrist hinge is the move and Matt demonstrates it perfectly.

  10. I tried this today at the range and saw some major improvement in ball striking. Thanks!!

  11. Just when I thought I’ve seen every tip 100x over, you blow my mind with 2 in a row. Can’t wait to try them. Fascinating.

  12. Hit into my net for about an hour this evening. Here's the mantra: "Grab the club. Accept the club. Push away your hands. Super-slow hip turn." Did that about 200 times. I suck a tiny little bit less now. Thanks for the work you do, from a brand spankin new golfer!

  13. When can we expect to see Mr Short game on tour??? Such a great swing matt!

  14. Outstanding tip sir. Once again keeping the ideas simple and easy t apply for all level of players!

  15. Matt, Thank you for all of your great videos and the honesty and frankness you display!!

  16. Love you too! Finally i understand what happens in correct golfswing😅

  17. Is that a Vessel VLS Lux? I have the White Player III and may get the VLS Lux Perforated Black bag.

  18. Nice, took me 12 years to figure that out. So when you do first qualifier for an open event? Will love to watch that process. You will get a lot of interest I think…

  19. Mr Short Game, you might’ve just changed my swing forever. I am someone with high club head speed but struggles with ball striking consistency. Never have I thought that being slower with the hips would help, now I do. Thank you much 👍🏼

  20. I like the slo motion part
    Push out , hinge at the top
    High finish , belt buckle towards target !

  21. This is genius , I just went out hit plastic golf balls every ball with right to left spin . On the downswing I just get my hands in front of the ball as I turn my left hit . Well done Mr. Short game well done the hat is thrown onto the ice this is a hat trick .

  22. This is not on topic but I'm requesting if you might do a video discouraging amateur golfers from playing music while golfing. This is getting to be a huge problem. Thanks!

  23. No, no, no,no. It cannot be that easy. Then again, us amateur’s like to complicate all things “the golf swing”.

  24. I like the slow hip part. My golf swing was ruined many years ago when either Johnny Miller or Nick Faldo said to turn your hips as fast as you can. To this day I struggle with spinning out trying to turn as fast as I can and doing exactly what you mentioned with bottoming out and stalling. Great video.

  25. I have been trying to not hinge the wrists too much, but lacked a good thought/drill on doing so. Thanks!

  26. You mentioned this already when you talked about long irons, it is unbelievable but true push and turn !

  27. push and turn and slow hip turn. for sure this will make a major change on my swing and i'm so excited to try it at the driving range. thank you for this wonderful tip mrshortgame!!

  28. There is NO one way. There are MANY ways……All that matters is face and path at impact. If you can get these right…winner

  29. I went for a lesson today. I roll my forearms open in my takeaway and have my wrist cupped at the top. I was told it causes an increase in loft and a loss in distance. And ya, I said but Freddie Couples has a cupped wrist at the top.

    I think I do this because I was always told to have the club toe up when the club is parallel to the ground. But instead of turning my body back to do this, I’ve gotten out of sync and move my arms first then my body. He had me hit shots moving the club outside the target line without rolling my forearms. Alternatively, he said I could take it to the top as I do but then I had to rotate my left hand from cupped to bowed. I think you had a vid on a move like this too. We also worked a little in syncing up the body and arms but I had enough just trying to work on the wrist.

  30. been doing this for a couple of years. great way to add consistency and distance. awkward at first, but with exploring! start well.

  31. I love it!! you’re the man!! I’ve been battling with a cupped wrist and open club face for 10 years

  32. Awesome and easy, can't wait to test this in the garage tomorrow

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