Dustin Johnson SHOCKS Fans After Recent Comments..

Welcome back to Golf District, today we are going to be talking about Dustin Johnson’s act of greed stands out in Saudi Arabia’s vulgar rebranding game + other related news. So make sure you stick around to find out Dustin Johnson’s act of greed stands out in Saudi Arabia’s vulgar rebranding game + other related news!

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  1. Dont tell me the Saudis haven’t thought about this: following the end of the season to produce a Ryder cup type match between the two tours. Two 4 man teams: for the Saudis its Mickleson, Johnson, Koepka and DeChambeau facing off against Mclroy, Thomas, Schefler and Spieth. The pot is 50 mil and—get this—its winner takes all! The PGA will do nothing because they would look even more small time than they do now. Did I mention the ratings? They will be through the roof!

  2. This channel sure sucks on PGA money. More fun to watch than PGA..

  3. waited for Dustin Johnsons SHOCKING comment and it was a No Show.

  4. the hypocrisy with this is absurd. If you want to shun Saudi Arabia, stop driving, flying and using petroleum based products. otherwise shut up already.

  5. i do not know who dustbin johnson is, so i dont give a f–k what he thinks

  6. Why are you such a PGA boot licker? This is a job for these guys. If they can get paid more money for less work, good for them.

  7. In a few years no one will remember DJ, Cupcake, or Ian Poultice.

  8. Dude, you're bitter, politically charged, and woefully unaware of the other side of this issue. This video is a joke.

  9. Professional golf is about money! I think these players who moved to LIV did what is best for their financial career. They could care less what the PGA or people think…good for them, lol

  10. Who really, really cares? Most of these guys are not winning, closing in on 40 years or more in age, true gamblers, weed heads, and more. Good riddance. 2 year contract for most of them and LIV is hoping it last that long. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. DOA is LIV just like the World Football League. 2 years

  11. This argument is ignorance and politics nothing more or less. Sad to see so much politics in golf. A sad time for golf. Players should be able to decide where and when they play and not a so called “Tour”.

  12. Johnson , Mickelson, Westwood,Na etc… had a chance to stand up against human rights violations in Saudi Arabia where oposition is squashed – they all enjoy freedom of speach while others are locked up if they talk freely. These players had a chance to improve this world a little but they just thought about more money for themselves while they are already blessed with millions from the PGA. No morales, no ethical values and they dare to claim to do the right thing. They could have used their fame to stand up for others and here they are, pathetic, small , limited humans , just simple golfers with no values and no integrity – a shame for the sport and their families. Their golfing records destroyed by their own human failures.

  13. Thank you Zach Johnson and Fred Couples and all the other golfers coming out against liv. Liv = Anti American traitors.

  14. Such a hypocritical post. Atrocities… how about the daily massacres in the States ‘Every Day’. The European have the Race to Dubai. The PGA has acted so poorly, when confronted by another group. They’ve never had issues with any other group before. Funny how money is such a trigger & now mysteriously… all PGA purses have virtually double ‘instantly’ after they said they can’t match the money being thrown around.
    Think they are picking up their ball, and crying all the way … to no where. Pathetic!

  15. The PGA takes their fair share of money from the Saudi's .

  16. Lol is this a golf channel or a Breitbart shill? Calm down, snowflake. No one is coming after your granola

  17. LIV offered a better buisness deal for these guys, at the end of the day its a buisness decision.

  18. As long as pga players satisfy playing criteria of tournaments in pga tour they can play all over the world like Greg Norman did. PGA commissioner is very narrow minded and should be removed from office

  19. PGA do not pay the lower places players. To me that's bullcrap because anyone who makes it on the tour are damn good. So they should be rewarded for their hard work. PGA are just looking for that star player who can bring in the endorsements. The lower bracket of players they care less about. So yeah I see why these players are leaving.

  20. The PGA is an "Old Boys Club" …(sorry no offense to the Ladies that play as well)…that has made billions from zero competition … of course they are upset … but i say bring on the competition …

  21. D J you not a child you are grown man and no a person or person's to tell on how too feed your family!!!!

  22. Did he just say that last place in a PGA Tour event doesn't pay any money? Everyone who makes the cut gets paid something. Maybe when he said no money, he meant no money to pro golfers and their standards.

  23. LIV is the "free agency" that golf has been waiting for! Why is it ok for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Soccer, NASCAR all get guaranteed money but now golfers are "greedy". LMAO….Ask the PGA Tour how they treat the players caddies compared to the LIV tour! It is embarrassing how the PGA Tour treats the caddies.

  24. What a bunch of crap this video protrays

  25. Jay Monoshan nailed it when he found it funny that the few players who have left PGA Tour are now complaining and upset they can no longer participate in the league they say they don’t need. 😂

  26. Wow.. 38,000 view and more dislikes then likes.. delete your channel

  27. Whomever did this video, go back to sleep. You know absolutely nothing about the world. Here's a start, rich people don't shop at the dollar store like you.

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