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  1. Ive entered would love to play a round with you and the dailys. Id be worried about playing so bad in front of 3 legends

  2. I’ve said this elsewhere before – end of 2025 Tiger will be eligible for the Champions Tour. I think he should bide his time and wait for that time, in the meantime working on getting into as good shape as possible. There again, Tiger doesn’t think like me……….

  3. The idea of playing at the pro am but don't think I could keep up with the drinking Rick !!🤣

  4. Just followed jcb. Going to run down to the shop to buy Diet Coke and some cigarettes. Never smoked before but worth it to “grip it and rip it” with the big dog.

  5. You’re getting as bad as the tabloids with click bait like that!! Shameless and quite frankly not very creative.

  6. You should invite Ryan fox onto the podcast – kiwi legend & his old man was an all black 🤘

  7. Hi Rick and Guy, my partner and I both love the podcast! Great to meet you both at the live show, it was a great night and you both never fail to entertain us – I won the putter and it is pride of place in the living room signed by you guys and Sean Murphy. Entered the comp – we are both relatively new to golf and would love to play JCB with you! Keep doing what you do, love all your videos and content

  8. Appreciationcarclub has entered – you me and the Daleys are going to smash it up 🤟

  9. Hey Rick- definitely praying I get the spot. John Daly and Rick Shiels would be legendary! Thanks

  10. Hey Rick! I've just seen that women can qualify for The Open if they are top 5 w/ties in any of the women's majors but I can't find anything about any women trying to go through regional qualifying, surely the top women have as much chance as pros like yourself and the many others who try every year, could you bring this up on one of your pods?

  11. The diff between shooting 70 every round and shooting 71 every round is about $5,000,000 per year

  12. Hi Rick, I’ve entered.

    Just off now to grab me some leprechaun coins on the Chinese wall 😜

  13. Great show Rick. Would love to play with you at JCB and the Daly's too – just WOW!!!! So I've entered 🤞

  14. Sweden has entered to join the PRO-AM, please choose me 🤩

  15. Rick and Guy. Why don’t you come and play me at my golf course (Aldersey Green) in Cheshire…with Rick playing with my clubs and I play with his? Andy

  16. DONE!! That would be some experience. Would happily fly in from Ireland for that! I'll bring the diet coke and duty free cigs for big JD!!

  17. What an opportunity this will be for someone out there, never mind 1st tee medal nerves can you imagine being in that 4 ball genuinely shaking and pleased to hit the club face

  18. Am I a scratch player if I scratch my head every time I hit a shot?

  19. Crossing my fingers too be the lucky mf to play with you and John.

  20. I think he went the same barbers that Bert from sesame Street goes to

  21. If Sandy Lyle can’t play at the Masters because he’s not competitive, then Tiger needs to retire because he’s not in contention

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