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  1. 1.2 mil followers… None showed up… Maybe they couldn't come? I would have gone if I could but might get drafted by bigger creators

  2. 18:19 the issue was already solved guys don worry. Here is the title for those hu still wanna see 😆

    BANNEDSTORIES Hitting a Hole-In-One with GABBIE CARTER

  3. i would show up to a meet and greet the problem is i live halfway across the world rip

  4. Why not make the whole video like the last clip?? I’d buy that for a dollar.

  5. I can think of a few things that the pie lady would not like! The guy may have been gushing a bit but no need for that humiliation! Some women dont deserve the attention men give them!

  6. Well it's 4 AM that i'm watching this, i don't think i have time for playing anymore…

  7. Your channel is starting to get on my nerves I'm about to report it

  8. What the hell are you guys up to and you're a fool for getting tricked for him making this channel

  9. You know what i like about ridge wallets?
    I don't have enough money to put inside those wallets to be able to buy those wallets.
    That moment when a wallet to hold your money costs more money than the money you have. XD

  10. To be fair to that nutty delivery driver, I started dating a pizza delivery girl in a similar way. She was a butter face with crooked teeth and a lazy eye, but she was fun. I didn't realize why she was so desperate to find a friend (and later a boyfriend) until a year later when I really got to know the crazy chick. One more year of my tolerating her craziness because of how addictive she was behind closed doors, two fires, a dozen slashed tires, then later a restraining order I got a little more selective with who I even make friends with.
    Moral of the story, if the delivery driver wants to be your friend or more by just meeting you to pay for the delivery, avoid them. Don't do it. They're crazy. Even if they are not, better safe than sorry.

  11. Henry: I don't think anyone would go
    Crusaders: All you have to do is say when

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