Finally !! New update codm season 5 2022 (garena version).

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Device : Xiomi Poco X3 Pro
Editing video with : KineMaster Pro
Music : Gaming Music

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  1. How to fix the soundtrack please it's using the old Radical Raid soundtrack from a previous season

  2. guys can you help me because i cant invite my friends in any rank mode . the system said: the player version is out date .

  3. Error!!! .. it's to slow Update Downloading Connection… Another BIG" file's… RAM… Devices Explode!!!.. No space… So sad!! 😭 Super LAG' for Low devices!

  4. eyy🔥 yo asupan can you make a 32 bit version of this? it's gonna be awesome if you do that

  5. Did you this is new uplate is it and I got uplate VNgame ?
    I say ( YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! )

  6. Sheesh!! Another New cool video, The update looks so cool, and it even have a new gun Oden and it has a Mythic draw, Hoping i could buy a battle pass 🙁

  7. I have a sensi problem after I updated my codm in garena. My sensi is bugged for some reason. Have you experience any sensitivity problems or is it just me? Haha

  8. Idol pa help naman pag update kopo kanina di po na bubuksan codm ko error po

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