We presented a new challenge into the world of Golf Clash, the rocky Lake Wabasca course! A gorgeous mountainous range with many perils on the green. There were some amazing shots made on this new course and here are our top favourites on it!

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17 bình luận

  1. I got 2 hole in one's during this tournament and I did it without using a special ball. So I'm not impressed by hole in one's with the special ball.

  2. Got a HOI on 2nd hole in the tourney & not with a fancy ball either. But like already stated if not in master GC doesn't care about them

  3. Don't know why I watch this, golf clash don't entertain players under master level, which is so wrong

  4. Interesting that all these are made with paid money ball ..hmmm

  5. Now let's see a hole in one without turning the camera and adjusting for wind 🤣

  6. Hey, just wanted to ask, how can I send in a clip to you guys?

  7. My hio why you can’t add here i play with my guide In master hole 7 and that’s unique in all gc but Pd Make me sad now 😞😞 I upload my shot in my channel watch please 🥺🥺

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