Check out this new gameplay video for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds featuring a brand new coupon code for free summon tickets!

Download LD Player Here:

*Please not you must use the 64bit version of LD Player for this to work properly.



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  1. From the PC client it's about the same, go to account copy char code, click the left icon from that bottom row which opens a web page with the news, scroll down to notice about redeeming coupon codes. To save time you can bookmark the site. Bonus points if you keep your char code or use auto fill, you can just keep using that no matter which client you're playing on (ie: If you're playing on mobile and see an awesome Clint Wulf video with code you can just drop the code in without having to go through all the steps)

  2. Another way to redeem codes is to click on menu then there is a cog icon click that then go to misc tab and click redeem code.

  3. on the familiar banner with 1 of the tickets i pulled 4 star water type named Splisher 🙂 thanks my guy 🙂

  4. Single pulled a 4 star weapon and familiar off of single pulls!

  5. i was really excited about this game, i thought it would have pulled me away from genshin impact, but i think the game was too heavily designed around the auto play mode so that when you actually wnat to play for real the game everythign feels stiff and the skills don't lock properly and they don't allow you the aim them as you want

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