The worlds most popular Golf Rap Music video! Enjoy the 5 year old golfing & rapping! Caleb C – Ranked #7 Viral Golf Video of 2013 by Golf Digest!

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Produced / Edited by Justin Corsa @justincorsa
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I LOVE GOLF by Caleb C. Lyrics:

I Love Golf, It’s the Game for me,
This is I LOVE GOLF by Caleb C.
I Love Golf! It’s my favorite Sport,
I can sink a putt if it’s Long or Short.
I Love Golf, It’s so much fun,
I Celebrate when I get a Hole-In-One.
I Love Golf, Driving and Teeing Off, I love Golf… I Love Golf.

Irons, Drivers, & Woods OH MY,
Got my own kids clubs Rev2 Max Fli!
In this game you wanna get a low score,
If you Hit a Bad Shot you just yell FORE!
Some people say Golf is Reallly Hard,
So I practice everyday in my back yard.
Hittin from the Top, tryin to be a big shot,
Hey… check out my Trick shot.
BOOM, yeah that just happened,
A 5-year-old kid I Love golf and rappin.
Navigate aroud the waters you can call me the captain,
Sail past the beach for an easy tap-in.
Yeah my stroke is SMOOTH LIKE BUTTA,
Even my brotha, got his own Putta.
If you love golf then let me know….
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Drive, Drive, Chip Chip, Putt Putt, Throw ya Clubs up! (x 4)

To Play Golf, You gotta have balls,
And I got a bucket full I can share with all ya’lls.
If you had a bad day and you need a change,
We can wack your cares away at the driving range.
Playing Mini Golf with the girls that are Perty,
Showin’ off my skills with an eagle or a birdie.
I can even Golf ALL YEAR ROUND,
Did you ever sink a putt with snow on the ground?
Even When it’s rainin’ Ya know I’m not complainin’,
Cuz I’m inside drainin’ Putts – on the iPad.
When I go to work with Dad, the Fun begins,
Cuz the Guys get hype when I knock down the Pins.
My drive hooks into the woods, I blame my clubs,
Yeah I miss my ball like Happy Gimore misses Clubbs.
If you love golf them let me know…
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Drive, Drive, Chip Chip, Putt Putt, Throw Ya Clubs up! (x 4)

Written / Copyrighted by Justin Corsa with help from Caleb C.

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