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Hunter and Trevor face off against each other with a cheap starter set from EBay!
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29 bình luận

  1. Great job keeping that an awesome suprise!!! That was awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. I have waited so long for this and somehow it wasn't ruined by social media! Awesome shot! Also I feel like that WOULD be a good set for beginners, the propeller would be good for driving at first but once they get a little technique it'll evolve to a hyzer flip disc.

  3. Good lord that raid shadow legends promo was tough to sit through lmao.

  4. "Hunter is committing mosquito genocide right now!" — 2 seconds later you hear mosquitoes buzzing around the mic. HAHA 15:10

  5. Nice 7 minute commercial for a mobile game. Nvm gonna look for a diff video.

  6. I don’t even need the rest of the video…I could just rewatch the ace & reaction on a loop… 4 times & counting

  7. That ace was sweet. But my favorite moment is 13:42. A confused "now" and then snickering. Nice shot, Hunt-ter.

  8. You can literally hear a mosquito right after Hunter says he killed them all.

  9. I understand they are your sponsor but you might as well have just played the game for this video

  10. What the heck happened to the course? Wind damage? Trees were down everywhere

  11. There's several sets of a starter pack at a local Ollie's in North Carolina. You need to test them

  12. It was really nice of Trevor to crash and burn in honor of the plane theme.

  13. The ace moment was insane and the fact it was such a suprise really added to the moment

  14. Sorry Trev… We need a clip by clip breakdown to make sure someone wasn't hiding in the tree/bush.

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