Justin Thomas, the reigning PGA Champion, speaks to media Monday of U.S. Open week at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass.

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  1. There are 2 players who keep making it a distraction, everyone else just wants to get on with it.

  2. A new league pops up with a huge expansion of golf, 7 big new tourneys, massive infusion of cash into golf, more spectators, more writers. And what does JT say? It's "sad". Rory actively against the game of golf expanding. What incredibly pampered shallow players these guys are. Their little bubble is upset so they can't support the game of golf that gave them everything. Pretty amazing to see.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the PGA is doing stuff behind closed doors to keep these guys on board. That's really the only way they can combat this.

  4. This is the US OPEN, let's talk about the course and the venue, stop it with the LIV golf questions….this is getting ridiculous!!!!

  5. I think we're witnessing the emergence of the rightful heir to Armold Palmer's legacy of character and sportsmanship in golf.

  6. Justin, thank you so much for your advice to the junior young golfers. I will let my two boys watch the interview. Good luck to the US open and have a great week.

  7. When a golf players soul can be bought by big pile of money, then what is left of integrity of this player or the sport itself ? Winning then does count nothing, it does not matter. The bucks are earned before stepping on the tee. Then it does not matter much how you play. Is that truly the entertainment golf enthusiasts are looking for? Probably not. Zero excitment left.

  8. Someone give JT a napkin please. His shirt will be loaded with grease 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Saudi highway bribery. They had their 9-11, now they want our golf. No dirt under their fingernails huh. There's always been rats that succumb to sedition throughout our history. And being a coward and money has always been part of it. This time it's money.

  10. The pearl clutching by the media, the tour, and golf channel is pathetic. I don’t like LIV but not because of the saudis. Because it’s just fake pro golf. It’s like a huge exhibition, who cares about who funds it.

  11. PGA lost Bryson their second talking point behind Tiger. Now for clicks and filler for tv they will just talk about LIV. The entire world is Saudi Backed, the president scheduling a visit to the country to "fix" oil prices when we have plenty of areas to get oil in the states for example. Oh well I give it another week and they will drop the LIV stuff… Lets talk golf!

  12. Liv is getting on my nerves can we focus on the US Open. it's blood money I'm against it but let's focus on our major good lord it's bad they left but thats there choice move on…

  13. Jay Monahan must be paying JT a nice check to become the poster child spokes person of the PGA Tour these days. lol

  14. If I was a middle of the road Pro Golfer and past most of my prime and someone dangled 50m in front of me just to play,,,hell yes I'd take it . All these holier than thou people that say they wouldn't take it bc of where the money comes from are probably lying to themselves bc 50m is a damn big carrot and THEY PROBABLY SHOULD CHECK WHERE ALL THOSE MASSIVE DIAMONDS THEY WEAR COME FROM,,HYPOCRITES

  15. Rory and his million dollar Nike contact and China is ok…but Saudi is bad …go figure

  16. It’d be great if the players who decide to play LIV Golf stop trying to justify their positions with their “good for the game” … “grow the game” arguments. 🙄 It’s a chance to make a boatload of cash 💰 way past the prime of their career(s). Honestly, many of us might do the same. If they just admitted that and that they don’t give a shit about where the money comes from … many of us would move on.

  17. Wouldn't that be something if Lefty gets another Major? My heart's with you Phil. Time to make a statement.

  18. Everyone in US is a "partner" with the Saudis as long as we buy billions in oil 8nstead of producing our own. You bastard press.

  19. Personally, I would like more questions about the US Open and fewer questions about LIV.

  20. Tiger used to go to Saudi Arabia and collect his million dollar appearance fee and nobody said anything about it. United States and Biden are buying oil from Saudi Arabia. Biden is going over there begging them right now to pump more oil. European tours is sponsored by the DP world tour by Dubai ports. Saudi Arabia money is in all sorts of sports and businesses. All these naysayers are just hypocrites they're trying to protect their money and status. Bottom line golfers are independent contractors and should be allowed to play wherever they want. free trade. PGA tour is just trying to protect their Monopoly and greed.

  21. Those nearing their career peak have a lot to risk and gain …those just starting and at the end of their career it’s an opportunity to start early or end with more money

  22. If the LIV tour offered those pencil neck sports writers a 200% pay increase, every last one of them would seriously consider it… if not take it.

  23. Well he certainly said he doesn’t want them to play the majors and LIV….that will atmosphere with his x Ryder cup colleagues

  24. It will be so weird rooting against Phil, DJ, Bryson, yet so right.

  25. A better question about the regular Tour vs LIV would be, "Are you happier playing competitive golf or a high-dollar exhibition match?"

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