Inside The Open is back! This time at the Home of Golf for the 150th Open at St Andrews. Presented by @Mastercard, we will bring you inside the ropes each day giving you exclusive access to on course conversations and funny moments.

Players have arrived early to get a glimpse of the links and spectators have flocked to get up close and personal with their favourite golfers.

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23 bình luận

  1. Wow-really cool to get that ‘fly on the wall’ perspective for those of us who’ll never get to play there…

  2. Why are we not getting weekly content from the PGA like this. It is so good.

  3. All this chat people are saying I hope the wind gets up or there might be really low scoring. Who cares 🤷‍♂️birdies are better to watch than bogeys…and the end of the day it’s the same for all of them, the best golfer wins on the day

  4. Brilliant behind the scenes content we don't normally see. Loved Tiger winding up Justin near the end "Oh I forgot, you haven't won here!" 🤣

  5. My favorite golfer with the best of all time and their great friends. What a world.

  6. JT learned at 3 mins to never go in that bunker again – round wrecker

  7. How relaxed are these guys! Awesome content. Love the banter between Tiger and JT and the little giggle from Tiger.

  8. Absolutely brilliant! Love the insight of how they prepare. Do Rory next!

  9. Reminds me when Bo Jackson tried to make a comeback…Tiger has no one to blame but himself take the LIV payday while u can ur done.

  10. What a cool video…and on The Old Course as well. It's like a day with friends at the muni…

  11. My god the best players in the world are human and take the piss out of each other. Why haven't we had this insight before. Superb.

  12. Seeing JT struggle on the plugged bunker shots is the most relatable thing ever

  13. Shoutout to Henni we’re definitely all living through you so cool! Thank you to whoever filmed this!! 🙏🏾😁 🐅 @3:25!

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