The 2nd Press Conference from LIV Golf’s Portland Event featuring Brooks Koepka, Patrick Reed, and Pat Perez

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  1. lol the woman speaking at the end explaining their own contracts to them. and the a$$hole parade marches on

  2. Ask why Joe biden is begging them for fucking oil, the media is the fucking worst!

  3. You can tell all of the journalists here have bad intentions, no respect for any of the players, free market business, and no realization without the players they would have nothing to cover. The journalists are so arrogant, condescending, and rude. If they disagreed so much with the players, don’t go to the events, don’t cover the players or the events.

  4. The PGA Tour has 23 sponsors that do over 40 billion a year in business in Saudi Arabia. They also are in business with china. The PGA Tour's John Deere Classic is this week. Irony is John Deere does business in Saudi Arabia. PGA Tour heritage and legacy???????????? That is long gone. The PGA Tour is woke trash.

  5. PGA..Pro,Golfers with Alfluenza…the tour is full of spoiled country club brats..always has been..just look at all the will see a pattern

  6. Brooks, you say more golf on tv grows the game, yet you also say a smaller schedule is better. Which would mean less golf on tv. Which is it?

  7. Can't advertise the make of water bottle cause they didn't sponsor them lol…

  8. The PGA Tour didn't listen to it's players and now they are paying a very stiff price. Looks like LIV Golf listened.

  9. Human rights i watched on TV years ago this guy got out of car holding his hands in air said i got no weapon they open fire on him then they turn at the car an family screaming we got no weapons they open fire on the car so stop acting like America not got blood on its hand

  10. Wonder why they don't ask the Saudi backed LGPA tour these same questions? Double standard much PGA??

  11. HUMAN RIGHTS why dont media say what america did was there WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION when we went in KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ? an STOLE all there CASH? Tell me another country that makes DISEASES look at what just happen WHO WAS BEHIND THAT ? AMERICA………………Trump made a statement DONT THINK AMERICA NOT GOT BLOOD ON ITS HAND I AM TELLING YOU IT DOES

  12. PGA makes 750 million a year making players play so much an keeping all that money.Does not sound like Non profit an ban players in Non Profits i just dont understand why they get away with this.Tell me other business is TAX FREE? even people working at McDonalds got to pay there fair share of proverty wages

  13. Sold Out. It’s up to them if they want to take the money. They also have to live with the beating they’ll take from the media and fans of the game. Fans don’t care that players have time off. We root for golfers passionate about the game hitting shots that we can only dream about executing in order to win tournaments that actually mean something.

  14. After all is said ad nauseam, it's all about the 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  15. All Major Sports are fighting for sponsorship money and internet headline.. $2 billion going to golf instead of tennis, football, basketball, hockey, baseball etc. will be great for our sports.. More competition means the PGA needs to improve their product to catch up.. By september when the PGA season is over, most top golfers will move to LIV… Jay Monayhan gets $9 million every year; he has higher pay than most of the PGA golfers..

  16. of course its a different vibe and more fun for the players. when you get millions up front then who really cares what you do over 3 days. a bit different vibe if you had your mind on a cut which i am sure pat perez has had to do often. i get why players would do it i just dont see why people would want to watch it . does anyone here really believe any of them give a toss about the team format .whos getting excited about the fireballs going up against the stingers. money money money.

  17. Three snarky guys with big chips on their shoulders. They have no world class games anymore, not one iota of a conscience, no self-respect, and no concern about flushing their reputations down the toilet…..but they sure do like that blood money and easy schedule. They and loser Greg deserve one another.

  18. "Someday I'll have to tell my son why I wasn't there at his birth" — a moment the kid has no memory of. Pathetic. So sad watching these guys try to come up with good reasons why this exhibition farce "tour" is better than playing real tournaments. We'd have more respect for you three if you simply told us the truth: "I'm past my prime, injured, tired, lazy, can't compete with the big guys anymore and wanted the money." That way you could at least look at yourselves in the mirror in the morning.

  19. It's money t it's like playing with your mates it's not proper golf it's just money they know they can't win again

  20. Hope when the Liv players sue the PGA the PGA counter sues for libel against these backstabbing Saudi puppets

  21. With regard to the Saudi human rights issues, if it’s ok to except the the west and especially the USA Saudi governments billions of dollars in corporate investments, what’s so different about their investing in sports. Why is the PGA dragging professional golfers down over the human rights that want join the LIV GOLF TOUR.

  22. If Patrick Reed cheats again, and Liv kicks him off the tour, should the PGA take him back?

  23. Greg Norman should immediately focus on LIV's public relations. These 'press conferences' are too pathetic to pay attention to. The players clearly don't have a clue what kind of BS they are uttering. Just admit you're doing it for the money. And stop with your 'awesome', 'cool team play', bla, bla bla. In this way LIV will never be taken seriously. You make all of us p-u-k-e..

  24. I watch golf from Thursday through Sunday every week, I’m already tired of this

  25. According to final 2021 world golf rankings LIV have 5 top 20 players now.
    DJ, Bryson, Louis, Brooks and Ancer. It's getting more compelling as a second tier tour now.

  26. GREAT points, many – made by these 3 players. i don't agree with all their opinions – but I love their forthright answers – and QUESTIONS back to the Media folks.

  27. Only doing it “for the money”…. As Norman rightly noted, in response to all the critics of golfers playing a Saudi event “for the money”, there’s plenty of PGA sponsors doing business with Saudi Arabia “for the money”. What Norman didn’t note—perhaps because the final LIV event is at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster—is the country President Trump first visited (as “Leader of the Free World”) was Saudi Arabia, “for the money”—to sign a “tremendous deal” worth $110 billion in American arms sales and other new investments.

  28. So in the last 3 seasons Brooks averaged 13 tournament a year. And he needs more time off? So 39 weeks a year off for the last 3 years isn't enough time off for poor wittle Brooksy?!!! Loser!

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