Here are 3 things you should never do when putting on new golf grips.

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  1. Would love to see a video in comparison to TXG’s “frankenwedge”

  2. I find that I often get a big slug of glue residue that gathers at the front edge as I push the grip on. I then need to be very careful when wiping the excess glue to make sure I don’t smear any on the outside of the grip by mistake. If it gets into any grooves in the grip it becomes very difficult to clean off. When I watch videos of experts like yourself this never seems to happen. Is it bad tape I am using or just poor technique?

  3. I am looking for a video how to build iron set out of parallel iron shafts but I could not find one. Maybe this topic would be of interest for your next video? I am particularly interested of the weight changes. How can you pre-calculate the weight of clubs/shafts after trimming to decide if these are the right shafts? For example, if Dynamic Gold S300 .370 raw is 130g and I trim tip 3" f and butt 2.5" for 7 iron. How does the weight changes from one iron to another? Just an idea, thanks.

  4. Can you please do a Jumbo Max grip removal NOT cutting it off though, ie intact removal.

  5. Don't skimp on the solvent and make sure you use a tried and true brand of solvent…I used mineral spirits and the grip seized up at 3/4 of the way down.

  6. As far as tape goes I use precut tape in a package, and for solvent I use a petroleum-based paint thinner from Walmart. It does the job, and I've never had a problem with it. However, you are right in that you never stop pushing the grip on until it's all the way on. I'd suggest pounding the club at the butt end once of twice on the floor just to be sure it's all the way on.

  7. Great video. I regripped my wife's clubs recently (2nd time I've ever regripped clubs) and had so much problem with issue 3 – I wasted 4 grips taking too long!

  8. Hey AJ, off topic question: I changed my shop around and need a stand for my bending machine. I have a pretty similar machine to the one you have in your shop and i was wondering if you could tell me the stand that you have yours on? Thanks in advance! Great vids man.

  9. Nice, do one on lead tape and swing weights for the whole set.

  10. The first "tip" was a heck of a stretch saying "sign they do not know what they are doing". A little excess and then cleaning up after is a guaranteed way to ALWAYS have 100% of the full length taped; even with good measuring its possible to leave it a mm or 2 short of perfect. That person that you just said doesnt know what they are doing can say that you are being cheap and lazy because you dont want to waste a an extra inch of tape or do any cleanup to guarantee perfection. A bit overkill and overblown on both accounts.

  11. After using an air compressor, I will never use tape and solvent again.

  12. My tip for grips that need a certain alignment ie golf pride in a certain spot visually when you look down at the club
    Put a piece of painters tape on the shaft an inch from the old grip before you take it off . If you like where the old golf pride lined up mark the tape with a pen line.
    If you already have the grip off you can still use the tape trick by holding the club in playing position and make the mark where you want the writing to line up.
    When you go to put the grip on now it is much much easier to aim the golf pride where you need it to go instead of hoping the clamp has it straight.
    Push all the way on, then final adjustments as you line it up with the pen mark. One final look in playing position …a few taps on the floor
    Take off the painters and done

  13. 1-360 grip , 2 – no tape ,3- salt water ….never had grip fall off yet .

  14. Make sure you twist the tape in a clockwise motion or else it will come loose from the grip

  15. Never thought to use the paint tray to catch the solution…..genius level 10 🤯

  16. Hobby club builder here. #1. I lay the grip in place and mark the shaft with a sharpie. This tells me exactly how long I need the tape to be. #2. I do the exact same with this included. Plug the grip hole with a golf tee. Started using a metal paint tray as my catch bin for all the excess solvent. It will not wear out. Glides on with ease doing it like this. Every club in my bag was built by yours truly. Def a fun hobby. Enjoy watching your videos.

  17. Hi AJ Great 👍 Tips when fitting Grip’s, Used to fit grip’s 40 years ago & have made all the mistakes you showed 🤔, (wish I’d see this then)
    A couple of things I would add use a shaft clamp or a old cut off grip in a vice (too protect shaft when clamping) & square up leading edge of club & clamp, (it’s easer to adjust grip when clamped), Now my Pro fit’s my grip’s (he knows I am fussy) and fit’s them perfectly Aligned👍, love your Video’s Think this is a perfect starter for most players,(Also check grip Alignment when buying new Club’s) Thanks Dickey 9hcp 75year Senior Golfer UK, Good luck with your shop👍

  18. We all have been looking for your comments on the Brands for your shop video!! Hope it’s all going smooth!

  19. Good video. 3 basic common sense tips which one would assume obvious, but sometimes common sense goes out of the window.

  20. Good video! Funny I was sitting at my desk and removing grips and this video shows up in notifications. lol! I regrip my own and for others for a little extra money. Might I add one thing. You can't use compressed on some grips (I never do this). Winn grips specifically says not to use compressed air. It works but can cause the grip material to weaken before you even use it and won't last very long on your clubs.

  21. I understand "not stopping". I don't stop but I have experienced the seizing problem recently with twice with two putter grips.

    I didn't stop but the grip would only fly on half way. I literally had to force it on bit by bit the get it on completely.

    I don't know why this happened. I did everything right. Loads of solvent and one piece of tape.

  22. I always thought regripping was something left to the pro shop. But after trying it on some of my clubs is not that difficult, you just need a little room and a couple of other things. I am wondering if when aligning grips with the alignment aids on it do you need to have a special kind of vice to keep the head in the correct position.

  23. haha,yeah,dump that stuff in the grip and on the tape.I almost lost a new 30 dollar superstroke grip from being stingy with the solvent.Got stuck halfway down,but luckily I had it in reach and was able to throw more on and get the job done.Great tip!

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