Country Club Adjacent was invited to play in the Hype Golf Tournament at PGA West during Cochella weekend.. Stots & Mart took some “performance enhancers”

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  1. I just WANTED to hear someone say , "this is the nicest course … i've played on acid" ! 😂😂

  2. That was amazing. you guys are sooo crazy. never seen anything that crazy on a golf course . please! zzzzzzzzz

  3. you guys need some more beard on the channel i could make myself available ,ps ill tell you where the ketamine is at was nice getting roasted by you guys at liv in portland lol

  4. There is always that one guy that pretends to be on acid or tells a fake story about being on acid that nobody really believes but kinda just sits around and listens to anyway just out of respect and a bit of awkwardness….that is this video.

  5. This is legitimately the most underrated channel on YouTube. Comedy AND golf, how good is that?? This is gonna be a big year lmao

  6. Just b/c of the title, I was hoping for to see/hear more about the trip while playing, & not just playing 😂 It was just never noticeable

  7. All of this! Perfect content. Come play in Denver! Would love to hang out with Griff again and hang with the CCA dudes!

  8. Griffster im gonna get your short game into "piss off everybody" shape next time you guys come out

  9. Conor at NoHo Roger Dunn just listed as person of interest in the bug murder.

  10. I’ve golfed on shrooms before. I’ve never golfed better, and Never felt so confident golfing

  11. They've done studies on those "performance enhancers" you know. 60% of the time, it works every time….Great episode haha

  12. Check out the Full Podcast episode where they talk about this round on CCA Podcasts page

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