We tried to play golf with tennis balls and lets just say I need some work! I think it was the worst hits I have had wit it.

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23 bình luận

  1. “When I talk you better listen.”

    That’s definitely something Garrett’s mom said to him growing up, and now he uses it🤣🤣🤣

  2. aloo la verdad amazing video me encanto espero el proximo material me voy les mando besitos gracias

  3. you, steven, michah(sorry if i spelt it wrong) and garrett always just make amazing golf context that is fun to watch and as a beginner myself i learn a lot from you guys. love the effort and work you guys put in, keep it up man

  4. Tig literally read my mind. I’m laying here in bed at 9am and thinking about getting Dunkin’

  5. Tennis ball takes the role of bossy boy golf ball cause she’s busy sending people to her incinerator

  6. We played this in college. Called in fungo. 18 Holes were trees, doors, and benches. Had our own course on campus

  7. Have you guys ever seen or tried the mini tennis balls they sell as dog toys for smaller dogs? They might work well for a golf video.

  8. Played Wii Sports the other day for the first time in forever…loving these sounds.

  9. These guys said Git and TFS
    This channel is about golf and source control?

  10. Yoooo I figured it out TIG T- tiny I- illiterate G- Genius , reasons behind tiny Bcz he is 3 foot 4 illiterate because he cannot say hill or tent , genius because he has so many crazy odd facts

  11. Yo I will make a "what was in your bag" video if you send my your old irons

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