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  1. I think that, if you could convince Evan (vanoss), to do a dating show type of thing like Who will be Vanossgaming's girlfriend!! And have some of the other guys be judges, that could be a pretty good video.

  2. why is it that everytime i see someone in a car the check engine light is on?

  3. Damn, I wish there was a strip closer to me. I know my Golf R isn't meant for straight line speed but still ~360 hp with 91 octane tune would be fun to just let her rip. Would be great to take it out on the track too.

  4. Yo, waldos is the BOMB, but one of my fav spots is Party Foul

  5. This video was amazing!! Also anyone know the outer songs name?

  6. what is the music of his outro song cause it's fire to hear. Smitty+Matt+Tyler combo is funny to listen to

  7. This is literally a golf it video but at an actual course IRL, you love to see it!

  8. I need to get one of those glitch hats that you have on here. My dad hat one doesn’t like to stay on

  9. Smitty looks like one of the seven blind mice from shrek with those glasses

  10. Of course matt would the first one too call it out cause he's so experienced with red

  11. You guys should buy a Fling Golf Stick by New Swarm. Something tells me, you guys would love it

  12. Really hope a huge crew goes out for the fourth! Would love to see Brian marcel Evan nogla join in this year. This may sound really cheesy but I am really enjoying these irl vids! You seem like you are having a lot of time!

  13. hey bud just waiting on a new video. take your time though ill just be here…. waiting…. on a new video….

  14. Those dudes at the course after hearing that loud ball are like "I thought this was a golf course not a shooting range"

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