Kyle Porter joins CBS Sports HQ from St. Andrews, Scotland to recap Round 3 at The Open Championship.


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  1. Rory may be getting a bit more love because he has also been a leader in speaking out about LIV golf – Poulter was booed on the first hole of the first round, so many fans may getting behind him for staying with the PGA. This is just an observation, so don't feel you have to come after ME if you support LIV golf – I'm just the messenger here.

  2. The r and a won’t like -20 as the final score but will jizz their pants when Rory wins

  3. Man I hope somebody tells the Liv boys there's one more round. Hate to see them miss Sunday thinking this one is a 54 hole scrimmage

  4. Boring not the golf but all the babbling in this video. Show some video of the golf.

  5. McIlroy all the way..All HKers in UK rooting for invincible Rory

  6. Yep, I think it's very important to get a mini contest going within these final pairings. Rory and Viktor doubtless played their own little major – will probably leave everyone in their wake today.. The two Camerons on the other hand put in relatively lacklustre rounds. No sparks in their pairing..

  7. Unwatchable…brutal attempt at highlights…fire everyone, then watch any NFL highlights where you’ll see 15 bits of info on the screen at all times…down, distance, score, possession…ect…your highlights look like human vomit…

  8. There is nobody that will catch Rory and Viktor even with a good day tomorrow. Rory and Viktor are at -16 I think the winning score is probably -22 (which the R & A wont like) I dont think a 61 or 62 is out there.

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