Catch all the highlights from the second round of LIV Golf’s Invitational from Portland, Oregon.

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  1. LIV Gold is FIRE AF. Long time coming. Disruption was long overdue.

  2. Nice to have the info on the left side of the screen…wish they would focus more on the run the leaders went on

  3. Could do with someone who knows how to edit putting together the highlights reel, the cutting is terrible and it jumps around far too much.

  4. LIV recruits (at a price) another player trending in the wrong direction. So what!

  5. When is the bonesaw coming out and chopping everyone up? Asking for a Saudi Prince friend of mine. Never seen so many traitors on a golf course before.

  6. Suggestion for LIV golf. Less terrorist sponsored golf leagues that murdered 2,996 Americans on 9/11. Less greedy golfers willing to pocket the Saudis shitty, oily, blood money. More conscience, more integrity.

  7. I love everything about this but those drone videos of each hole. Tell that dude to slow down, lol

  8. I hated these highlights, showing Americans missing putts for birdies where they could have shown people from other countries making birdies. Becoming the same as PGA……

  9. Be good to see a stream without all the stats down the side of the screen. Just a full screen of golf with commentary.

  10. exhibition golf at its part sr league, some need a cane

  11. Loving LIV golf, but I'm also sad looking at the decline of some players.

  12. Please take the huge LIV GOLF INVATATIONAL logo off the screen so we can watch the tournament. Come on now… it says LIV on 3 different places. You don't need to cover the screen with it. I can't comment live as a subscriber. #LIVGOLF

  13. Pga tour coverage has been absolute shite for 10 years maybe more…. how on earth they never saw it always baffled me!
    I got rid of sky sports after recording 15 shots in 2 hours of golf and that was the norm. Wasn't just the adverts it was the dragging history up of the course and shoving completely pointless stats up every 5 mins. It's beyond painful!
    The amount of times I thought ah good there's golf on tonight then just been completely bored after 20 mins was constant!!

  14. please keep putting the round recap at the end as you did for round 1 !!! need to see final standings

  15. Glad Oosthuizen isn’t doing well! Saw him at the BMW Open last weekend, asked him for a ball (In Afrikaans) – dude didn’t even acknowledge me!

  16. Would like to see more than 8 golfers play. Still better than PGA where it’s 4-5

  17. I would just love to have all the players or at least their caddies miced 🎤 up

  18. Zero pressure on these guys. It’s boring to watch and actually looks boring for the players!

  19. Today is exactly what the PGA Tour did NOT want to happen…2 of the biggest draws in golf will be battling it out for a win…I hope Brooks DJ and Carlos all go low and end up in playoff …

  20. Congratulations, you have your very own Baba Booey guy! How many mill did you pay him?

  21. Does the score graphic have to be permanently on the screen!!?? It's blocking my view. Why not periodically show the score for a few seconds. Other than that love it.

  22. LIV golf should allow players to wear shorts. It's a really stupid holdover rule, that im sure is pretty annoying on hot days.

  23. How many millions did LIV golf pay for people to write glowingly positive remarks on their Youtube highlights?

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