A 1983 television ad for Showbiz Pizza Place restaurants, emphasizing the revolutionary video game “Dragon’s Lair” as an attraction.

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  1. My other teacher Ms ponder said she remembered Shelby's pizza and she said she got told mitzi's hand once during a show well not while she was seeing but you know

  2. Yeah I Was Confused Why RDI Video Systems Have To Use A Laserdisc To Make An Extremely Hard Video Game And Send It To Showbiz, Among Others. (Not Sure If They Sent It To Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theaters As Well). And This Is Before Federal Way, Washington's Showbiz Got Destroyed By A Fire And It Never Reopened. Federal Way's Showbiz Only Went For 7 Months Straight.

  3. I don't know if anyone else noticed but the game Dragon's Lair can be seen in stranger things when they're at the arcade it's a game that they play in the episode.

  4. NC: Oh, I hope Dirk's reunited with his Russian mouse family… I mean DAMMIT! I'm playing a game!

  5. Why didn't this ever become a movie? Wouldn't that've made sense? Wouldn't you want it explained where the yellow flashing light came from? Or the dragon's ability to learn bubble trapping technology?

  6. NC: Hey, kids! Remember when Chuck E. Cheese made Showbiz Pizza disappear…under…mysterious circumstances

  7. Let's face it, I think the real reason Showbiz went out of business is because they put the fog machines on top of their video game consoles for some reason!

  8. I use to play cobracomand and cliffhanger in chuck e chesse back in fairfleid cal in 1984

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