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30 bình luận

  1. Nothing like stuffing innocent little faces with fatty, greasy, disgusting foods. No wonder we're a society of fat slobs today…

  2. Not at all creepy as Hell. Never have a rat as a mascot for a food business!

  3. My mom said that when I was little I went up and played on the piano lol and people thought I was really playing it I don't remember that but she said I did lol

  4. I knew Bob Brock fairly well back in the late 60s. I didn't know until this video that he was one of the founders of Show Biz Pizza.

  5. Going to Showbiz was a big deal back in the 80s as a kid. That was one birthday party nobody ever skipped when it was at Showbiz! I never really cared for the robot band all that much but the ball pit and the arcade was awesome! Good times!

  6. The Rockafire Explosion appeared in Nashville-based band COIN’s music video.

  7. I remember going to one, for a friend's birthday party in the 80's and it was better than Chuck E. Cheese's. I'm from Memphis, so that's where it was located. To be honest though, as an adult, those puppets really freak me out now. Especially those wooden faces. Nightmare stuff!

  8. Man I loved show biz Pizza as a kid… We had one in Knoxville Tennessee.

  9. "Where a kid can be a kid." I had some good times in that place. My parents would always tell me if I was good enough, I would get to go there. I still have some tokens that have the date of 1981 on them. Near where I live was a similar place called Crystal's Pizza.

  10. Had a few birthday parties at Showbiz as a kid. My favorite souvenir was a Rockafire Explosion 45 vinyl record; I probably had 5 or 6 of them. Great memories!

  11. Never been to Showbiz….been to Chuck E. Cheese only TWICE in my lifetime (Once when it was the Pizza Time Theatre)….for the most part, our family just went to this small regional copycat venue in the 1980s called Major Magic's All-Star Pizza Revue, where the pizza was just "okay", they'd sneak an Irene Cara or Oak Ridge Boys song in the Animatronic Show playlist on occasion, and they served beer and wine. I remember that my sister had her first "legal" beer there on her 21st birthday in February 1991 (a family tradition for when somebody comes of legal drinking age), to which my mother and maternal grandmother both cried tears of joy….my sister didn't really drink it, she just sipped it and then drank a whole cup of Coca-Cola to "get rid of that nasty taste", according to her (apparently, she never inherited her family's taste for beer).

    The point being that we've had our share of times, good and bad, at these animatronic pizza restaurants/amusement halls. I think I even bonded with my father over a long game of the Japanese shooter Mechanized Attack (forgot how many game tokens we pumped into that machine between the two of us).

  12. My uncle Dennis would take us there every time we visited Dothan. I was VERY afraid of the animatronics. I insisted on the farthest table from them. Proud to say I still have a Showbiz token with my birth year on it.😎

  13. The good old days when America had President Ronald W. Reagan. Just Say No to Socialism. 🇺🇸

  14. I remember being pissed off when Showbiz Pizza changed to chuck e. cheese.(see how i refuse to capitalize its name?) I'm still bitter to this day.😠🍕🐭🖕

  15. Anyone remember PJ Pizzazz in West Covina? It had a robot mascot and arcade. Very little info on the internet about it.

  16. For a long time, I never knew that this was an entirely separate entity. I wouldn't remember if it ever was in New York or the Mid-Atlantic, since I wasn't born until 1997.

  17. Showbiz Pizza had "colander night" on Wednesdays, where you got a discount if you came in wearing a decorated colander on your head. I remember threading coloured yarn just to catch the creepy dead-gazed approval of Mitzi Mouse or whatever the cheerleader's name was.

    I kinda wish there were still jobs writing 'original music' for animatronic pizza restaurant characters… Ahhh, the 80s.

  18. When it came to animatronics, Showbiz was the better option, as theirs were very nearly Country-Bear-Jamboree-quality. Chuck E. Cheese's moved like some mid-20th-century department-store display.

  19. Thank you so much. I took my daughter to both Chuck E Cheese and Showbiz. It was a little kids place and she loved it. The show was good but not the Pizza. I took her there for her birthday many times. At 11 or 12 she did not want to go there any more. My daughter is 41 now and I remember it so well. It was a lot of fun for me, my ex wife and my daughter.

  20. I definitely remember this place, with the commercial that had the jingle "Showbiz Pizza: Where A Kid Can Be A Kid" (which later in the 90s became the Chuck E. Cheese jingle).

  21. Unfortunately, Aaron Fechtor is today a hard core right-winger who is anti-trans among other things and used billy bob to pitch trump.

  22. Showbiz was a great place .love the pizza I was alittle spooked from the animated talking ,great memories. unfortunately showbiz closed while chunky cheese opened up

  23. When I was 10 years old, the greatest thing I could ever hear, was "We're going to Showbiz for (so and so's) birthday! " Its now a Ross Clothing store. Still, I'm glad I got to experience it as a kid in the 80's! I am so fortunate to be Gen X! I will never take that for granted. We got to be kids in the 80's, and teens in the 90's. Wouldnt trade that for anything in the World! Thank you Showbiz, for the wonderful memories I have of being there!

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