In today’s video i take on Ebay Pete at the incredible strathmore golf club in carnoustie country scotland. But I can’t believe that ebay pete has been given one shot a hole in this 4 hole golf match!

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Welcome to the Golf Mates YouTube Channel!

We bring you fun golf videos with a band of characters for you all to enjoy.

There are characters we can all enjoy, from Mid Handicap Golfers, Funny Golfers, Senior Golfers, Scratch Golfers, Ex PGA professionals and PGA Professionals.

My videos are here to help improve your golf game and to bring the fun and the community back into Golf!

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Peter Finch ► Ex-Professional & Scratch Golfer

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37 bình luận

  1. Well done from Texas Liam. Great shooting as well EP. Thanks for a fun video.

  2. Strathmore is a stunning course. Played it as we came out of 1st lockdown. The sun was out that day for us and we really enjoyed ourselves. Stunning to look at and plays like a dream. Definitely one I need to go back to.

  3. Is the 10th as you have it not the 11th hole at Strathmore? The 10th is a straight away from the carpark heading north. The 11th with the water follows it.

  4. If you are going to Strathmore it can be difficult to find, it is down a long dirt track road through trees. You can't see the course from the main road.

  5. I was a member at Strathmore for a year when working in Coupar Angus. Great course, I paid £260 for a years membership there, an absolute bargin

  6. Went and played this course for our outing last 12 yrs, great course

  7. Loving the series. "Did Liam Win"?
    He knows Pete did him without a score on the last 🤣🤣

  8. I've been at Strathmore a few times. A great fun course. Plenty of chance to score even for the average golfer. Can't recommend it highly enough

  9. Great play gentlemen, and a lovely course. Excellent entertainment, thanks!

  10. Keeping score definitely not your forte Liam 😂. Great video though👍

  11. Well done guys! Another cracking wee video on my golf club. You really showed it off to it's best. I love playing there, and feel proud to call it my club. Look forward to watching your other Scottish jaunts! Keep up the great work guys. 👍👏👏👏👏👏🏌️‍♂️⛳😁👍

  12. Great course Gents,played last year.Loving these videos 😁👍

  13. great video Liam, nice to see you win for a change, playing well at the moment. 👏👏

  14. Always enjoy watching you two play , wish I could play a couple with ya too 👍

  15. To be fair, I don’t think either of you are really that bothered who won? As long as you are having a great time with your mates, who cares👍🍺
    We will have to keep an eye on Liams scoring though!🤣😂🤣

  16. What a beautiful track Strathmore is! It looks fun and pristine .. Thanks again for the tour of under-played venues you rock Liam!

  17. Liam also had a shot on last hole, that was a winning putt!

  18. Glad you like my wee club. I love playing it. On a calm summer evening, you can't beat it. 👍🏌️‍♂️⛳

  19. Hi. Liam, your golf might be getting better, but your scoring isn't, you cheated Ebay by a point, remember the 4 on the par 3..

  20. Reminds me of the old Bob Hope show when he had guest Sam Snead on. Bob asked Sam what he thought the strongest part of Bob's game was. Sam replied "keeping score".

  21. Another top video gents. That does look like a corker of a course to be fair.

  22. surely Ebay had a put for 7 for 1 which would have made it 9 points each

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