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Luke Poulter


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  1. you guys should get one of those balls that you can control and prank the other good good members

  2. I'm not 100%, but I think Luke and Clanton are the same guy, just with the hat turned around

  3. Poulters swing is smooth!
    My name suggestion is “Bring it golf challenge”

  4. Hey just wondering if you guys could do a good good lab on ball positioning from driver down. I feel like that’s something that would greatly improve a lot of new golfers

  5. “That was the hot dog” my exact words after the turn every time. Whether it’s a great shot or a bad one. Lol

  6. Broke 30 today for the first time, I am only 12 years old.

  7. Garrett: “nothing crazy so far just solid”
    Everyone else: 😳

  8. If you guys ever come to AZ, me and my buddy would love to play a 2v2. That’s if you guys aren’t scared 😱

  9. Loved Luke. The double personality thing was hilarious and should make a huge comeback. The guy is awesome.

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