It is arguably the most challenging hole at St Andrews. Road – the 17th hole on the Old Course is known worldwide as one of golf’s toughest tests.

For generations, players have battled against the complexities that the hole brings. The wall of the hotel blocks the view down the fairway. The menacing bunker guarding the green and the tarmac off the back is there to catch players who are too aggressive in their approach.

There are many ways in which a player can approach this hole in the pursuit of the Claret Jug, but one thing is for sure, you cannot win the Open Championship on the 17th, but you can certainly lose it.

We invite you to remember and learn about the hardest hole in golf as the Open returns to St Andrews in 2022.

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  1. Great video! Can we acknowledge that the narrator called the green side bunker the “hole’s only bunker” just 5 seconds after flying over the other two bunkers on the whole

  2. I went to St. Andrews on a college trip from the US as a 19 year old in 1982 and played the Old Course. On 17, I hit driver – 4 iron onto the green and 2-putted for par. That was 40 years ago, and still is the fondest memory of my golfing life.

  3. You cant measure the severity of a short putt by showing Westwood trying to hole out from three feet.

  4. Roccas shot was a total fluke…..the ball just about hit him in the face as he hit it, he had no idea where it was going! Lol

  5. Lipped out for a 3 on my birthday 2 weeks ago with the grand stands out , did exactly the same on 18 with a crowd of 100 , best 30 mins of my life 😁

  6. I have spare accommodation & tickets look forward to see all of the golfers at the home of golf.

  7. played it once the week after Tiger won there, had an 8 but did not go in the hotel which was a positive.

  8. I remember raking the pot bunker at the 17th for my St Andrews Course Photos
    You Tube video and thinking this is the most beautifully placed bunker I have ever seen. Shows how quality can outdo quantity

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