Maximum Consumption from The Kinks 1972 album – Everybody’s in Show-Biz. Featuring Dave Davies on lead guitar, with The Kinks and Mike Cotton – trumpet, John Beecham – trombone, tuba, Alan Holmes – baritone sax, clarinet, flute

Maximum Consumption

Written by: Ray Davies
Published by: Davray Music Ltd.

I’ll have some clam chowder, followed by beef steak on rye

Pumpkin pie, whipped cream and coffee,

I wanna green salad on the side,

Don’t forget the french fries,

Pizza pie, garlic and anchovie.

I keep burning up calories as fast as I keep putting them down,

Eat food, put it in my mouth,

Chew it up, swallow it down,

I’ll have two eggs, over light, home made apple pie

Cole slaw as a side order.

I gotta stay fit, stay alive, eat food to sustain a non-stop high-grade performer.

The pace is continual, sure keeps running me down

Don’t you know that you gotta eat food,

Don’t you know that you gotta refuel.

I’m a Maximum Consumption, super-grade performer.
High powered machine,

Go steady on my clutch, go easy on the hills

And you’ll get a lot of mileage out of me.
I’m so easy to drive, and I’m an excellent ride,

Excessive living sure keeps running me down

You’ve got to learn to use the Maximum Juice

That’s how you get the maximum use.

Life keeps using me, keeps on abusing me, mentally and physically.

I gotta stay fit, stay alive, need fuel inside, eat food to survive

Maximum Consumption sure keeps running me down
Don’t you know that you gotta eat food

Don’t you know that it’s good for you.

I’m a Maximum Consumption,

Non-stop machine

Total automation perpetual motion.

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Produced by Ray Davies

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  1. I freakin love this! Just discovered it, October 28, 2019, while looking for thanksgiving playlist ideas. It is SO GOOD! OMG YES!

  2. SUCH A GOOD SONG!! truly one of their underrated gems. like the savoy truffle of the kinks. this along with supersonic rocket shop and celluloid heroes have to be my favorites!

  3. I always chuckle at the way Ray sings “…and I’m an excellent ride.” Cracks me up every time, just like “and half a million people can’t be wrong” in ‘Polly.’

  4. The kinks were the ' Only " band to mark the final end on August 5th 1968 of the very last steam train to run in normal service on British Rail………… ' Last of the Steam Powered Trains ' ( Village Green Preservation Society LP ) was released in 1968.

  5. I'd love to hear a song by Ray written with Noel Gallagher. I think they would be entertaining

  6. Dave rocks on this! Dave Davies on lead guitar ……………….

  7. Ray had the superior humor. Ray had all the goods. The Kinks decided to take things to very high levels in the 70's, ,..Muswell is rock's Epic Blues masterpiece but then the Kinks GET EVEN BETTER !! LISTEN to all these albums deeply! Even the funny soap opera is a mini Ray epic! When they get pop and more commercial again later,..I'm not so sure about those albums,..though they are good,.. I LOVE THE BLUES !!

  8. RAY = GOD = PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. love this album. "Hot Potatoes" or "Supersonic Rocket Ship" gotta be my favorites, but its all good

  10. Everyone else listened to "Celluloid Heroes". Not me. I wore right through the vinyl playing this song over and over again.

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