The world’s most UNDERRATED golf ball… this is HUGE!? When choosing which golf balls to buy we always think about one thing… distance! What is the longest golf ball money can buy? What is the best golf ball? The best golf balls of 2022? The best budget golf balls? The best cheap golf balls? What about a golf ball that hits more fairways and flies easier? This new Callaway golf balls could blow your mind… let’s do it… and let’s do it now!

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  1. I really like the max. Good ball. Wish they kept them in stock where I live. I usually play the Callaway SuperSoft.

  2. I can't understand how they sit down more in the rough. You mention it a few times during the video, but it makes no sense, a larger footprint can't possibly sit further between blades of grass … and they can't be heavier (which would be the only other reason to sit lower).

  3. Been using these for a while now and they are top tier 👌. I think it's the first time since playing I've never lost an actual ball in a round 😅

  4. I actually bought a box of 24 Callaway Magma balls last year but never put them in my bag. Might get them out for a couple of rounds.

  5. Picked up a box of these and it improved my putting no end .Agree they don't fly as far as the Titlest balls,but I'm sticking with them I'm a high handicapper.

  6. I have used them most of last season and I liked them a lot. They have a nice feel, and they went straighter when you get a slight off center hit. I usually play OnCore Elixir and I like this just as much. Great review.

  7. I've been playing these for a while now and love them, especially with winter here in NZ at the moment. Go great in warmer conditions.

  8. Would love to see you talkin balls video on the maxfly Tour X compared to the Kirkland ball from Costco

  9. I do use them, I don't have aslow swing speed but I havebad eyes and find they help me seeing it in the distance

  10. I play really help me with fairway woods off the ground and have good distance

  11. I liked these balls, distance & control were good, but I couldn't get them to stay on the green.

    Moved to Bridgestone e12 and Taylormade Tour Response as alternatives. Both checkup and hold better than the Max.

  12. In the 1970,s the bigger ball was all you could buy in Australia. I think the smaller ball became available in 1974?

  13. This may sound silly but I am afraid of using these because I fear that if get used to them, I will have trouble playing with regular size balls later. Did it fell strange playing with regular balls after you were done with these?

  14. Hello James, could you please tell Chris to pull his pants up!!🤣🤣

  15. James I do use them and like them very much. Love the line on the ball and the feel. I do have a slow swing speed.

  16. I actually use these balls and have since last summer. I love them. I like the way they launch.

  17. for some reason I seem to hit further using the Wilson DUO than any other ball I have tried

  18. I found one of these today. Brought it home, cleaned it and then I tried to put my mark on it using one of those half cup ball alignment marking jigs. Didn't fit! Side by side.. yep looks bigger. I'll have to save it for my customary first tee-off slice. 🤣🤣

  19. I am 62 with a bad left hip that hinders my rotation. I bought a box of these and really liked them. I had more distance and they were straighter for me. Great video.

  20. I used these early in the year to get back in the feel, but they are considerably shorter now than my current ball.

  21. I’ve actually been using these (yellow version) for the past 3 months, I’m actually interested to see how it feels now I’m used to them to go back to a normal one. Like you I putt with the flag out always

  22. Use it and love mixing it in the game here and there. Forgiveness and no loss of distance.

  23. The oversized Top Flite Magna goes back to the very late 1990s.

  24. Hey guys
    I was using a vice pro someone gifted me but I wasn’t able to get the best of them due to my slow swing speed
    So I bought callaway super soft last week and won my match pretty convincingly
    And drives were longer
    Which helped me into the green
    So I decided to try the bigger max ball on the way home
    So this is a great video and it has convinced me to try them

  25. I started using these balls a couple of weeks ago and they certainly work for me. Mind you, I play off 20 and I’m 70 yrs. old. They give me good launch, give me confidence when setting up and I feel that I can control the shot better. I like them a lot. Great video James 👍🏌️‍♂️

  26. I've used the magna in the past and found no difference at all to a standard ball. Bit easier to get a good contact off a tight lie.

  27. Thank you for a different opening hole. Love your channel by the way and Chris' as well.

  28. I remember the Top Flite Magna also. The marketing concept was suspect (a larger ball is more susceptible to wind resistance and thus will not go as long and it is easier to go offline) and it was a no brainer that a larger ball meant less putts made. I think this one won't last long…….

  29. I just bought a dozen of these last week they were only $21.99 USD and I am looking forward to trying them I suffer with contact issues and am just trying to get anything that can help me do better

  30. I love the Supersoft, but I've never tried the Max past putting and chipping with one. Mostly because I know that larger golf balls in general are shorter, but also because it just looks too weird at address. I don't know. I have an old Maxfli/Dunlop DDH HT 100 balata ball that's 1.62" and to me, THAT looks confidence-inspiring – because the club looks so big compared to the ball! And you need that confidence because the ball goes absolutely nowhere. But that's probably because the windings and core have degraded/snapped/turned to mush. It's essentially a NERF ball at this point. Amazing around the green, though!

  31. Yes!! I’m so glad you’re doing this one. I think I commented about these a few weeks ago so im amped this videos coming

  32. Ive just ordered a box from amazon.
    Lets see what a extremely average golfer can do.
    Will be interesting as i usually play with the standard suppersoft anyway.

  33. I believe you said it during the video but these could be useful for a beginner or senior golfer.

  34. Sorry guys but this is "dingo's kidneys" but usually marketing wins the day over science. There might be more lift caused by the Magnus Effect where air "bunches" up or compresses underneath. However the only way to reduce any hook or slice curve on the ball is to reduce sidespin which is down to the player with any ball. The Magnus Effect also works with sidespin so a larger ball with the same sidespin will curve wider.

  35. I could ayvthis bigger ball makes the hole smaller,surely it cannot fly as far there are other soft balls which I would play before considering this one

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