THIS Iron is PERFECT… RIGHT NOW!!! When choosing which golf club to play off the tee. Often we go for the longest shot in the bag. Which is the driver… the longest driver of 2022, the best driver possible. But what is the best driver of 2022? During the summer we can hit long irons off the tee, allowing us to hit more fairways. Hitting fairways is vital to good golf… and I think TaylorMade have smashed it with the iron… the best irons of 2022? Let’s find out… and let’s do it now!

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  1. I had one after watching you hit it last year……sold it 2 months later, the 2 iron p790 udi is a card wrecker if you dont hit the middle, IMO get a 2i hybrid or learn how to hit a driver stinger.

  2. How bloody good does that course look! Stunning to be fair, good video James. 👍🏼👍🏼

  3. "I'm not going to lie" love your enthusiasm James. Going to have to work at my 3 hybrid!

  4. If I could properly hit a two iron I probably wouldn't be watching so many YouTube golf tips 😱

  5. I regret selling my GAPR LO now 😢 but I will get another driving iron one day. Great video James

  6. Sandy Lyle was the king with the ping 1 iron in the eighties and would knock it past mist guys who hit driver

  7. I hardly ever comment but just wanted to say I watch your videos everyday I don't care what they are about, but honestly your my favorite YouTuber and hopefully one day I can make it to the UK from America and meet you.

  8. Driving irons and me never seemed to get along, so I never put them in the bag. Had a Taylormade Burner 7 wood that was deadly though when things got firm and narrow. Keep doing what you do James!

  9. I’ve switched from my Mizuno driver, no choice because head snapped off, hitting my Rouge 3 hybrid, straight n long.
    Has Chris recovered from your second Ace ?

  10. Looks awesome on the course. Still here at the end. As usual. ⛳️

  11. Story of my life..just bought a secondhand P790 yesterday and James Robinson released this video! 🫵🏽🫵🏽🫵🏽

  12. I love this strategy for my home course James! Inland links in Cambridgeshire and it's hard to control the ball if it goes high on windy days. Remember in Tiger's My Game video series, he tries to play the ball along the ground as much as possible. Stinger shot is perfect for that. Thanks for this video James.

  13. It used to be said that it was only safe to hit 2 iron in a lightning storm because “God can’t even hit a 2 iron.” Now that the driving iron is en vogue, is that the route that club golfers should go? I’ve hit by eye on an 18 degree driving iron, but it feels kindly silly when I play a 21 degree hybrid. Thoughts?

  14. I used to enjoy using a 2 or 3 iron off the tee might invest in a new one

  15. I had a nice Wilson Staff 2 iron; I wanted so badly to love it, but hybrids and fairway woods are way easier to hit for me.

  16. James…On your first chip shot to the hole, what club did you use there for the bump and run??? I would like to see this Taylor # 2 iron up against the Ben Hogan UiHi # 3 iron…Taylor is # 17 deg loft and Hogan # 18 deg Taylor is Priced @ $ 230 and Hogan @ $ 135 per club…This would be a great video for use of long irons off tee and fairway…Thanks…

  17. I love my P790 UDI 2 iron. People think I’m nuts. Wind, long narrow, downhill fairways, etc. keep the ball low.

  18. I like irons off the tee.(I use traditional lofts). depending on conditions. I prefer a 10.5 degree driver.

    But it's all about course management. I think a short iron can be easier sometimes than a wedge. And angles and being on the fairway has no substitute.

  19. Lmfao the average golfer , which is your crowd can not hit long irons worth a crap. Hell you don't even see pros laying up with long irons anymore. They can hit driver over or past most danger now. This advice isn't good for higher handicapped players. I would never follow this guy's advice

  20. Ordered a ping g425 2 iron for the same reason, however had a 10 week lead time so might get it for the last part of the season 😩

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