HIGH HANDICAP golfer makes INSANE ALBATROSS with NEW HYBRID!? HIGH HANDICAP GOLFER MAKES INSANE ALBATROSSS!? When playing golf we all strive to make those illusive pars, birdies, eagles of even an albatross! In this video a high handicap golfer makes a NET ALBATROSS against me in a match. Maybe I should stop giving him the lessons! None of this is really down to his golf clubs except a new hybrid he has in the bag which could be the best forgiving hybrid money can buy. Should you use a hybrid? Do you need a hybrid? Let’s do it.., and let’s do it now!

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  1. On that last hole Foxy decided to use a 9i and open it up. This is where I get confused. If he used a 50° and didn't open it up is it the same play? If you have a more lofted club wouldn't it be easier to use it?

  2. Sorry to see Foxy struggle on that last hole, one hole like that can ruin a whole great round of golf

  3. I think that is the hardest thing about being a high handicap golfer. Once the wheels come off, it’s hard to recover. I feel your pain, Foxy 🙂

  4. I think an anonymous letter to the handicap committee is in order. 25 handicap my bollocks.

  5. I’ve always found it wired how all the brit golf YouTube’s talk about the same thing all around the same time….. every one of them has mentioned “Texas scramble” in the last couple of days lol. Fox getting more and more pure every time he’s on the channel.

  6. Foxy I’m with you all the way. I’m just like you. Awesome on some holes and then on others, it seems I’ve never seen a golf club before. Lol. Awesome first hole though. Keep it up!

  7. 1st shot…. Stunning.. I game Driver and 7wood LTDX.. Changed my game…

  8. James, what model of FootJoy gloves is Foxy using? I haven't seen them over here in the States (as I usually do gloves on both hands like him and usually go black w/the gloves).

  9. I got myself the 4 hybrid Ltdx but ended up selling it as it just feels so light , moved back a Radspeed. Just couldn’t get on with it

  10. After the last little lesson he had with you no way a 25 anymore 19 at the most!!!

  11. My driver is all over the show at the moment. I got a 7 wood after watching Mr Dennis raging about it and it’s my go to club off the tee now. I’ve even gone for a 5 wood now and that’s looking very promising. I’ll take accuracy over distance especially when the distance puts me in trouble. I’m not hitting par 5’s in two shots anyway.

  12. 🦊 swing is looking very nice! Keep on working and might be looking at sub 20 HCP

  13. As for the last hole, I feel for you Foxy. I have one of those hybrids and I love it.

  14. around the greens Foxy still needs the "chipping iron" from an earlier video

  15. FOXY is turning into a true golfer 🏌️‍♂️ love it! 🐊🏌🦅🇺🇲

  16. If he keeps striking the ball like that, one if these days Foxy will make a gross albatross!! You'd almost think he had a half decent coach or something

  17. there are times we all need to stick with whats working….good on you fox

  18. The Foxman needs longer irons – they look kid length given his height.

  19. I think your mate "Foxy" needs his handicap looking at, if you can hit a recue/hybrid club 220 yards then no way should you be getting 2 shots on any hole!! I play with a number of younger golfers who can hit it miles and some of them have all the shots and they play off 22 – 25 handicaps?? wheres the challenge I am nearly 80 and have just gone up to my highest ever handicap of 17 in spite of the fact that I hit my drives only around 190 to 200 yards?? Today all new golfers handicaps are too high, when I started no one got more than 18, and maximum handicap was 24. Almost all our club major comps now are won by golfers on 24 and 28 handicaps, single figure players are hardley ever in the frame.

  20. Could you tell me what gloves Foxy is wearing please, I like the look of those?

  21. I've got myself a one length hybrid and 2 of my best rounds later its never leaving the bag
    Gone from losing multiple balls to using the same one for whole round pretty much
    200-230 down the middle more times than not is amazing for me even if it leaves me 1 club longer away it really doesn't matter

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