This video is all about the golf swing.

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  1. That was a great tip. Been playing about 10 years and always had trouble starting down. No one ever told me about hips down like that. Starting my through swing turning level was always a mess. Thanks

  2. Right on. I try and keep my weight forward on my lead heel throughout the entire swing because I have a problem with lateral movement towards left side, and this feeling of weight on left heel throughout backswing and down through swing gets me to my left side.
    Key thing is to now rotate properly. Lol.

  3. Yes it changed my swing and gave me the impact and flush contact I was searching for. Thank You. Thank you. That one thought is now ALL I need.

  4. Luv your videos, much appreciated. I still suck, but having more fun.😂

  5. I've been hitting it great lately and I think I can name three reasons why: 1. your videos on rotation, the positioning of the pelvis, and the momentum and lag that only the proper moves in this regard can generate. (No one explains this better than Russell Heritage.) 2. using a lag shot trainer has helped me feel how that weight shift "loads" power in the club head and I feel that club head behind me throughout most of the downswing. 3. Striking the ball so that the club head is only caught up to my trail shoulder — still a bit behind, ie. (This from another source.) And finally, allowing that trail heel to lift. What I feel is that the weight shift and proper pelvic orientation and shape builds a loading that I feel in my lead foot as that club head is felt to remain behind. Then — still working on getting the timing down — I just push off with that lead foot. With the trail heel coming off the ground my head can move back behind the ball, my right side can get low but the left side push with that leg is generating all kinds of what feels like effortless power. It's super easy on the back and shoulders. Keep up the great work!

  6. Frankly speaking I don't stand up in rotation.
    I've learned not to, coz it introduces another variable that I would have to control.
    I keep ma pelvis tilted to the front, like "bending in my hip joints".
    Then I turn by simply bending my left knee and straightening right knee.
    To trigger rotation in downswing I just push my left hip from the ground by straightening left knee. As I keep my pelvis tilted, close to the line of the spine, it introduces rotatation, pulls torso and shoulders and boom, of we go.

  7. So the big X on your graphic is saying you should be having your weight shift into the lead ankle rather than the lead forefoot?

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