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  1. Who's in here because of the multi talented glamorous looking madam Mamie donkonu.🧐

  2. Nana please why didn’t you bring Grace Nortey as well? 💔

  3. Why can UTV show Obra shows instead of showing Indian movies. Do you think the Indians will show our movies in their country 🤔.. it's soooooo sad. We have to wakeup Ghanaians please 🙏 😢 😭

  4. Wow today I am soooooo happy that you are celebrating maame dokono alive…

  5. Your TV is off. On Multi TV and digital channel. They are off. UTV must be watchful else people will begin losing interest in this program. We can't waste our precious time sitting and watch that useless telenovela only for your channel to go off when this show comes on.

  6. UTV is off pls…last week it went off and today too, it just went off…both the digital and analogue channel

  7. Nana Ama you are looking good stay bless from fire boy inside UAE

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