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  1. ARNOLD… is the main reason why I watch this show weekly… HE IS SENSIBLE AND FEARLESS❤️

  2. KOBBY RANNA IS DOONG GREAT IN THE GHANA MOVIE INDUSTRY. He has a livesreaming website we watch here in Korea and pay online……..you guys are not mentioning that guy why🤗

  3. Arnold is the biggest hypocrite have ever seen or heard off.. Sometime past Shatta gave an account of a tour he went and Arnold passed a comment and Shatta said he should apologise to him because he was not pleased with the comment and Arnold said No he won't apologise to anybody because that is what he thinks and therefore he is entitled to his opinion buh here he is asking A-Plus to tell Shatta to apologise to Jackie. If you hate someone you will always find fault in what he or she does and that's what Arnold is doing. Shatta might be wrong buh Arnold should stop acting like he knows everything.. Guy Guy nothing better too

  4. What A plus said about the e levy makes some kind of sense oo……but my question is, what have they being using the loans from the IMF since time immemorial?
    Passing the e levy is not going to stop "these" people from going to the IMF but it will rather increase the monies in their pockets and the country's debts……my thoughts

  5. I don’t want to pretend honestly I didn’t like the show today …Nana AMA started this show with a different level even though Yvonne tried her best, it was still boring to my perspective.

  6. Herrr bulldog you need to read a lot. You have shown unintelligent.

  7. Michy has to stop frowning else she'll spoil her beautiful face. She needs to smile more.

  8. "Nobody has the right to talk down on anybody " – just after calling someone a fool (Gyimii). Contradiction 🤦‍♀️

  9. Greetings to all the respected viewers here

    May you start your year with high positive hope…

  10. Arnold is just good ❤️I always like his expression towards any question🙏🏿

  11. Anyone in this show always speaks wisdom, continue the good work

  12. The show was epic.. Yvonne did great, majid is our humor therapist for this show in place of Nana ama. A-plus and Anold always intelligently answering questions.. Bull dog is scared of shatta wale n like majid said love doesn't make u free truth does so bull dog should learn from that n hit the nail on the head even if it comes to the pple u love. U should be ready to tell the truth to thier faces n that's also another form of showing love.. Not commenting isn't love but fear.

  13. My goodness Arnold 🔥💙this man knows what and how he is about 🥰

  14. Honestly I don’t know why y’all be bringing bulldog on the show….edey bust ma mind

  15. Anold this one you have it wrong you have to be a politician be able to be president I mean the moment you aspired to be in the office you become a politician it doesn't matter how long you aspired for it

  16. Why is bulldog dragging this so long what Aplus simply means before we wait for the ncc to do thier job you can help yourself by learning it to help yourself

  17. what happened to Michy, is she shy or she cannot express herself. she looks out of the conversation.

  18. A-Plus did you say Ghanaians believe you! eii saa 😂. Well some us consider you as the politicians. #Fabricators

  19. Is better for IMF because they monitor it but this one as you said no one will monitor. So we won’t pay any E levy they should go to IMF.

  20. Tell bull dog the Ghanaian card will help a lot.Tell him in the U A EMIRATES you can never do anything without your ID card,it prevents all sorts of crime. Even you need it to sleep in a hotel, to enter a night club, to withdraw money from the bank. You can never move around without your ID.Let him know that.

  21. Arnold is the most intelligent pundit in Ghana. A plus di3 shit nkoaaaaa 😂

  22. I think for the most part of the show A plus submissions were excellent…thanks A plus

  23. Majid is really intelligent paaa herrh his take on E levy is top notch

  24. I like arnold hehe he will give it to you straight shatta de3 se always fooling A plus is being bias he cant fire shatta cos he is his paddy but if it was someone else nka he will blast am wey hypocrisy this

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