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In the mood for a hot hatch drag race? Of course you are!

The Honda Civic Type R is one of the most popular hot hatches on the planet. From either the front or the back, it’s instantly recognisable as a Type R! Once you take a closer look, you’ll find a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine under the bonnet, which will deliver 320hp and 400Nm.

So looks and performance are all good – but what chance does it stand against the new Golf R over the quarter-mile? Just like the Type R, the Golf is powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol to deliver 320hp. However, the Golf R can deliver slightly more torque, coming in at 420Nm. But that’s not all! While the Type R is just FWD and a manual, the VW has AWD as well as launch control!

Does the Honda stand a chance? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!


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34 bình luận

  1. Civic is born in circuit lol try it in corners haha let see what ur all wheel drive can do

  2. He should compare which car will last over 100k miles and up to 200k miles 😊😅🤣👍

  3. The Civic is a generation old and competed with mk7 which it beat.

    Even then the Civic is vastly superior driving car to the toy Golf.

    You drive a Civic Type R, whereas the Golf R drives you.

    Can't wait for the new Civic Type R. King of hot hatches.

  4. All Time Thais guy os payed for Deutch Mark to laje them win, you stupid fake bro

  5. "Which one is faster, VW Golf AAAA or a Honda Civic type AAAA?"

  6. VW, still the king of hot hatches, even my basic Golf is fun.

  7. Everything he’s saying… relatable. I didn’t drive my ctr for some time because I just like driving my little s10 extreme to toss parts in the rear but there’s no Bite in the civic clutch and no change of feel. My biggest issues is the rev hang it has

  8. I’m giggling so hard!!! Lol this is fun to watch!! ThAnk you!

  9. In dem Civic ist Benzin 91 im Tank. Der Fahrer ist ein Geizkragen

  10. I love when Honda fanboys talk about the type R nurburgring and tracks exc.. 😂😂 altough the megan RS trophy R is here daddy with less power so Renault IS better than honda i assume 😂

  11. Только Гольф! Носки вперёд:)))

  12. 🤣 Straight lines are for shortdicks.
    The true for of a car is on the circuit. I remember that on Nurburgring is a 10' difference between these cars. (Of course, the type R is faster on the circuit)

  13. How u can compare automatic dual clutch with manual transmission? Or u were bored

  14. The HONDA has more tuning potential. They are an awesome platform.

  15. Actually, not much additional drivetrain loss with the Haldex system. It won’t engage in a rolling race.

  16. The Honda does look better but the golf is vastly superior in every way.

  17. I still want the Honda for the driving experience and pay less in terms of purchasing price and maintenance.

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