In a game like this you have to be careful about the Creepoman.

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  1. Missed opportunity to have a random golden pipe somewhere in a select few courses where hitting the ball into would trigger a special mini challenge or unlock cool rewards, would add to the replay value

  2. Wow I cant believe tiger woods was able to clear up his busy schedule to collab

  3. I can't believe you can unlock 100 Gecs in this game

  4. Somehow you took the most boring sport and made it the most entertaining.

  5. the "who do you think you are i am" caught me off guard, ahhaha

  6. “Prospector said someday you'd come. Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln. The Prospector. He'll wanna meet ya.”

    Of all the quotes you could make from Toy Story 2, why this one? Explain yourself “dunkey.”

  7. Dunk woods is knocking it out of the park..
    That's golf… 😏

  8. The way dunkey said “Stromboli muthafucka” sent me to the moon

  9. You know, for someone who's called "Dunkey", you're not very good at this basketball game.

  10. You know what they say, the higher the score, the better you did.

  11. I never completed a Mario game ever in my life nor do I find joy in intending to but I'm so proud to have a shoutout from dunkey, my man. Fake Gamers 4 Lyf, bro. ✊

  12. "I don't give a shit about the Digimon Franchise" fucking killed me.

  13. Mid video ads at the one minute mark?!? Does Dunkey badly need money???

  14. "I don't give a shit about a thunderstorm, who am I, Benjamin Franklin?"

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