Huge shoutout to SlyncDDC for having us out!

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  1. 19:24 | a couple days later Ryan Fox made his first hole in one on the DP World Tour in the Dubai Desert Classic! Unreal

  2. Makes me feel apart of the video every time y’all say chase😂

  3. I’m new to the channel and this video burned my sub, helluva back nine super fun to watch LFG!

  4. Garrett's positivity and effortless drives are so inspiring. When I tee it up I try and visualize that tempo. It really helps!

  5. I’ve been deployed to Dubai, it’s blowing my mind bubbie is playing with a long sleeve pullover on. Minimum 85 degree out during day.

  6. “Gentleman’s bet plus 1 Ethereum” 😂😂 that’s great

  7. Did yall all win Titleist staff bags? Thats hilarious considering almost all of yall are sponsored now and none by Titleist.

  8. How hot was it? I have spent a lot of time in Dubai and it can get unbearable in the daytime.

  9. Bubbie rocks! So this year I discovered that I'm really into golf, mostly thanks to you guys, shiels and the foreplay dudes. Good job my dudes

  10. Ryan Fox , what a gentleman . Down to earth … same as Bubble . Thanks Gary and Joe as well , everyone contributed to the WIN . 👋👋

  11. Dude grounded his club in the bunker at 4:04. You can see the clubhead indention in the sand.

  12. if you want tight fairways come play mount ogden golf course. Its a tiny fairway with trees on both sides on every hole!

  13. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how smooth and natural Bubbie is on stage public speaking?
    It's not an easy thing to step up and give a speech with no preparation to a crowd of strangers.

  14. very sad at what bubbie is wearing, ur at a European Tour event and your wearing gym shoes, gym shorts, high socks, backwards hat, like bro that's not cool at all ain't gonna lie, I'm an avid golfer and that ain't it bro

  15. After part one I thought this video title was clickbait 😂. Nice win boys

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