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Showbiz pizza place


Sad 🙁

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  1. Those basters 🤬😡 , showbiz pizza will live in our memories.

  2. Why Chuck-E-Cheese I thought you was Showbiz were friends why you guys have to hate each other

  3. I see people arguing over which pizzarea is better and I'm probably gonna be chased with pitchforks and tochers but I like them both. Back in 2014 I had gotten interested in Animatronics because of FNAF and I found showbiz and Cec through that. I watched some vids of the Animatronics in action and my curiosity had gotten bigger. When I found out about showbiz pizza I wasn't upset nor angry because it happened before I was even born. But when Cec went bankrupt again I was hurt but stuff happens and life goes on….klunk scared me and still does….no idea why tho. But yeah. Just because their gone it doesn't mean that we'll forget them. Just stop making it a competition.

  4. The guy that made the rock a fire explosion has a YT channel and still makes robots.
    It's called therockafire

  5. imagine the workers lifting the animatronics then the animatronics started performing

  6. Ok surprise me I guess someone just dealing the place because they because they made Billy Bob Wonderland I just Chuck E cheese do not have a money and Billy Bob Wonderland do not have a money well I guess the place need to be replace Warehouse that's a good idea

  7. Man I remember making showbiz in Minecraft. I used a very old phone. Now it's broken

  8. So if Chuck E. Cheese tion over the rocks fire explosion then where’s billy bob now?

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