Confession time: My name is Robbie Crawford…and I want to throw far. I know I’m not alone in this confession, because at the end of the day if given the choice to throw further few people would say no. Yet when it comes to what it takes to actually start throwing farther few of us are willing to put in the work required to reach that goal.

I wanted to do a distance series that addresses some of the common hangups I’ve run into when it comes to reaching max distance, as well as create a pact with each of you who is willing. I’m not promising that you’ll be throwing 400 feet by the end of this series, but I do believe we can look at some things that are keeping us from throwing our maximum distance. We’re going to highlight these issues, and start down the road towards fixing them one throw at a time. Our third issue is all about the secret sauce that brings all of our form issues and successes together. What’s the issue? You’ll have to watch to find out!!

Have you heard of the Birdie Fam? It’s a community of disc golfers who are striving to excel and improve together. We are going to talk about your struggles and plateaus in a safe and healthy environment. When we come together as a family, we’ll grow together as people. So if you’re ready to take that next step in your disc golf game, and start improving with the greatest community in Disc Golf then head on over to the Patreon website!!

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Setting the Table
1:57 Mistake One
8:02 Mistake Two
10:28 Wrap Up

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Coach. Btw that pizza shirt is 🔥

  2. don't cut the pig..but you should 100% throw a bobcat. incredible mid range

  3. am I one of the only ones who got nothing from this video? I learned timing and….stacking(?) are disc golf concepts but no idea on how to really implement them into a proper training.

  4. Dave Feldberg is a prominent example of the elbow not reaching a 90 degree angle mid-throw. Also the disc doesn't come deep into the power pocket. Some people surmise it's to put less stress on the elbow. I believe there's a law of diminishing returns when it comes to a lot of form elements, but the benefits of each individual thing probably follows a bell curve. Reachback/reachout/extension towards the peak of the backswing is probably optimal at some point, but beyond that point the returns diminish. I think that's why there's a lot of variance. Many pros get a lot of things right, if not perfect, and it's enough for them to throw 500 feet or more, because they've worked on that form for many months or years of fieldwork, training, practice, and rounds.

  5. I love the Lat 64 Pure for my neutral throwing putter disc.

  6. I love bacon and I love my PIG. I won’t be getting rid of either one.

  7. This series has been so helpful to me – finally getting a lot more effortless distance. Appreciate you!

  8. I've watched a ton of form videos, this is the one that really clicked for me. Thank you so much.

  9. What about some niche discs for certain situations? Or a Justice since I love mine when I have to use it

  10. Discs you should try out
    Discmania NEO Origin
    Lat64 Opto Explorer
    Lat64 Opto Pioneer
    Lat64 Grace
    Alfa Discs Apollo
    Discmania Neo Esscence

  11. If you have an innova destroyer replace it with a C-line DD3!!!

  12. The mistake two feels like when people say slow down, being slow makes you fast. Except it feel like you broke it down better, sure you need to slow to feel the timing, but there are more things that need to happen. Great video!

  13. Ok Robbie, your last 4-5 videos have been at courses I know. This one I don't. Is it alabaster? Or one of the other new ones down 65? Coming back to Alabama in a couple of months, staying in the clay/gardendale/pinson area but willing to travel…any good newer course recommendations?

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  15. Love a Pig but ever since I got a Mutant, the Pig has had to make room in the bag…

  16. Robbie, there is a lot of good information in this video, thank you for making it. I wanted to offer a bit of advice, as far as the presentation is concerned. I think you have a ton of important things to say, but the tightly framed comments, and the random banter and inserted video clips are just pointless and distracting. My two favorite disc golf content producers, Overthrow Disc Golf and Seabas22, are able to present a ton of great information without muddying their videos with unnecessary fluff. Please, just stick to your message, it'll make your videos a lot more concise and interesting. You don't have to be Danny Lindahl. His videos started out terse and helpful, and gradually degenerated into unwatchable self parody. Don't go that route.

    Around 9:30 in the video, you start talking about why you only want to focus on acceleration when the disc is in tight against your body, right before it begins to move out from the "power pocket" to the ejection point. The critical piece is why you only want to add upper body energy at this point, and the reason is: leverage. Until the disc is in this position, and you have actual leverage on it, adding force with the upper body is inefficient and weak, and results in the disc being pulled off plane by your arm and shoulder. It also causes rounding and all sorts of other timing problems, with the upper body getting ahead of the hips before they have time to rotate forward.

    I coach backhand form as well, and I've had great success explaining proper mechanics by getting players to get into positions where they feel powerful. If I ask them to pretend to smash a wall with a hammer, they can immediately understand how much easier it is to do when they're in a properly leveraged position with the "hammer", vs trying to swing it from some huge exaggerated backswing behind their body. That also drives home the concept of timing and accuracy, how it's so much easier to drive your arm out and forward to a specific hit point when you're only focusing on the swing out from your chest, rather than trying to throw hard from the apex of the backswing.

  17. Robbie how the heck do you know exactly what I need to work on? Timing was exactly what I needed. I was looking at my videos of my form and I was reaching back too early. Went out to the field and that felt way more natural and smooth. Added like 30 feet to my distance! Since you started this whole level up series I’ve gone from struggling to reach 200ft with any disc to throwing putters 200ft with ease and starting to get to 300ft with drivers. Putting is getting there as well. Thank you so much for your clear tips that break things down onto small steps to work on. I hope your channel keeps growing and becomes even more successful!

  18. I've been absolutely loving the mvp/axiom discs. Envy, Glow Envy, Hex, Reactor, Insanity, Glow insanity, Fireball in my bag at the moment.

  19. You strike me as a typical gyro thrower. Everything in fission plastic is money. Max weight fission for the win.

  20. Hey Robbie! At some point, could you make a video about how wind affects the flight of discs? Like what does a headwind do vs a tailwind with different discs, and maybe how to change what discs we use to account for wind? That would be super helpful to me and I would think a lot of other people also! Thanks again for the great video!

  21. Good stuff! I'm new and learning a lot from online coaches and yours are informative, entertaining, and don't get too far in the weeds before focusing on the the actual tips I'm looking for.

  22. DUDE! You have to try a Wave by MVP, you will thank me. So.. You're welcome in advance haha

  23. Axiom envy / lat64 Pure are two of my favourite putters for throwing!

  24. The Volt is a must have. As is the Photon. I like them both in proton plastic.

  25. You should definitely try throwing Stags!! Just ask Molt😉

  26. MVP has some outstanding discs! Absolutely love my Inertia!

  27. Rob C you need to throw a discraft feirce putter by Paige no joke flies straight and is nice to put with too my go to disc.

  28. missed opportunity to do the entire video dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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