Golf season is over but lets recap Lincoln’s 2nd best round of the season, a tie for 1st place shooting a 66. A lot of golf to come this summer and we will film and update more as we go, but thought we would show you the round and talk through future plans for High school, college etc for Golf.

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  1. New Subscriber… Congratulations on. Fantastic round of golf Lincoln! I have checked your channel out before and would love to see more content like this..btw you guy have an awesome father son relationship..really great to see a father who cares what his son is into and not forcing what he is into upon him…in this case it works out for both!

  2. You think Lincoln could teach me?⛳️🏌️ I’m fourteen and on my high school team

  3. That’s crazy a few golfers from my hs team were the best players in the state and they wouldn’t even get close to 33 on 9

  4. I don’t know if you will see this but I just noticed that me and Lincoln have the same birthday and thought it was cool

  5. Had my first tournament a few days ago and shot 80 for 9 holes ( with the highest possible score being 90 ), it's fair to say that I need to put in a little more time

  6. Idk what is in the water in Utah but in iowa 4a golf the winning team shot 295 at state and that was one of the best scores from the year. -20 as a team is insane

  7. Does your Utah golf team allow blacks to play or is it like getting the priesthood and they can’t

  8. Bro golf is lit. When he’s 65 and retired with his buddies playing golf, he’s gonna be the man 😂

  9. Holy sh** he grew up. And he’s nasty at golf ! Love to see congrats Lincoln

  10. The love and pride Dan has for Linc is something only a dad can understand 💕

  11. He’s kinda going through that phase where he thinks being cocky is cool

  12. I too play golf on my high school golf team! Awesome experience! I’m California! You should play Half Moon Bay golf links, beautiful course!

  13. I never knew but he goes to school with some of my long related cousins 😂 never knew till this video Ashton plays football for the school 😂

  14. Let’s go congratulations. I would frame that also huge moment.

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