UTV’s #UnitedShowbiz formerly hosted by Nana Ama McBrown caught fire last Saturday as Kwame A Plus and artiste Feli Nuna had a heated exchange. The show was hosted by Nikki Samonas. Coded, Mr Logic and Bull Dog were also present that night. Thos whole issue stemmed from the fact that investors desire romance from females (artiste/ actors) before investing in them. Share your thoughts. #FeliNuna #APlus #UTV

Watch the full episode here =

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31 bình luận

  1. As a man this is not fair to do to any lady. I don’t need to explain. A plus went over board. And h got the perfect response.

  2. The thing is that these people think they have sense than anybody and that's why they talk like that

  3. Her boyfriend can't promote her but needs somebody's boyfriend to waste his money on your craft…aboafunu.!!!..Go tell your guy to learn artists management too…Is a course he can also study to be relevant to your needs…I support A plus

  4. If your boyfriend is not an investor, who's boyfriend and or husband should invest in your talent? my dear, you got what you wanted with your "does it make sense" question.

  5. The men there are very nonsense people bi kraaa. A plus kraa deɛ no sense. How can you Diss someone who is not even there…

  6. So will Aplus allow someone to slp with his wife if de person want to help her or invest in her business

  7. All those justifying the action of the men on the show 🚮

  8. Here for the gists and laughter with Headless You Tuber ❣️🔥. A plus and Bulldog err…. kyer3 s3 who takes their opinions serious? Ah

  9. If sarkodie, stoneb, shatta wale, kidi, Edem, were in the studio, these stupid men wouldn’t have asked if they had girlfriends. Very disrespectful when someone says they need sponsorship and then you turn and ask if they have partners. Very very stupid. When Aplus was making music where his sponsors sleeping with him before giving him money?

  10. Business is business. Her boyfriend doesn’t have to invest. That is why there are management teams and labels.
    This panel needs education on business and professionalism. I bore forking😤😤😤😤😤

  11. This conversation is pathetic!. The idea that the female body belongs to men and that men are entitled to it and not even consider the female talent is ridiculous!
    All men panel being very chauvinistic!

  12. I am sure Arnold A. Baidoo would have had a different view from the men on this show. I wonder where he's been.

  13. I just want to know if the girl came there straight from the shower tho. Aha, why is she sitting there with a towel around her and one one her head tho ☕️ 😩

  14. Buh at least her boyfriend should try invest in her talent erh

  15. I don't think I can finish reading the comments anytime now.😊

  16. Aplus should be very respectful to ladies
    He first told the Gail “ first naa na Wonfa towel nnbc wo ti no na wonpre sei .. which was first disrespect

    He made the Gail annouc by that statement

    So I don’t mind if the lady told him what he was saying wasn’t sensible

  17. This is why we are still behind in civilization. Our tv and radio stations full of foolish talks. Always stupid topics 24/7 and nothing conscious. Nothing educative for the kids watching. We sing Ghana national anthem and forget that, Philip Gbeho said we are to fight these oppressors with all our might and strength. I don’t even know if people know the true meaning of our twi and English anthem. These kind of tv shows are to be banned. No wonder we suffering as a nation. Nkwasiasem

  18. All the guys there are stupid 🤦🏿‍♂️, in fact they're stupid again, he's my boyfriend and not a music investor or producer what if I'm the one taking care of the guy like yo, it's because they all take advantage of girls when they try to help them that's why they were all defending that shit siafo)

  19. What I can deduce from this is Feli Nuna need to watch out how she talk.

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